Eight Ways to Kill Time While We wait for Mass Effect 3

GameZone compiles a handy dandy list of things to do while waiting for Mass Effect 3.

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ChronoJoe2407d ago

Play Skyrim.


You'll end up not only effectively passing the time for ME3s release, but forgetting about it entirely as you're immersed into Skyrims world.

ATi_Elite2407d ago

1. Skyrim
2. Battlefield 3
3. Batman Arkham City
4. Mass Effect 1
5. Mass Effect 2
6. Assassin's Creed: Revelations
7. Saints Row 3
8. The Witcher 2 console version

IDK plenty of games to play before Mass Effect 3 comes out

2407d ago
kma2k2407d ago

lol thats what i was gonna say! Ive put in 20 hours into skyrim & probably 10 into assassins creed: revalations. Ive got plenty to do until Mass Effect 3

Captain Qwark 92407d ago

lol prob but if there is 1 game that can pull me away briefly for a bit it will be ME. hopefully 3 is a solid mix of 1 and 2 becuase while i enjoyed elements of both, ME1 was the better game imo.

either way it will go like this....
1. play skyrim until ME3 drops
2. break from skyrim ( by break i mean play 1 hr a day instead of 2+ ), play ME3
3. go back to skyrim while waiting for the dlc
4. keep playing skyrim
5. purchase another game to try to cure your addiction to skyrim or at least tone it down
6. stare at the new game still in the wrapper ,then place back on your game shelf for another day and go back to skyrim becuase you realize you dont have any power over its hold on you afterall
7. its now jan 2013, you can finally stop playing skyrim and in 1 year beat 2 games...ME3 and skyrim....congratulations

2407d ago
Captain Qwark 92407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )


last i checked this is a gaming forum so i will talk about games, i dont think anybody here wants to hear about my other hobbies beyond gameing but since you do here it is buddy....

my typical week
10am get up eat bfast, clean/pick up my house, walk my dog ( saint bernard ), feed my dog and my fish ( 2 salt water tanks ), hang out with the woman, workout, work ( 2 jobs-im a drafter for 2 construction companies ), watch some tv and hit the sack

get up at 7am take dog out/shower/feed dog/fish, work 8-5, get home, walk the dog, cook dinner, clean up, gym, work again, half hour of tv or games, bed.

get up at 7am take dog out/shower/feed dog/fish, work 8-5, get home, walk the dog, cook dinner, clean up, hang out with woman, anything else i need to do (groc shopping, laundry, etc ), games or tv, bed.

same as monday

same as tues.

same as monday

w/e i want, parties, freinds, games, movies, etc the day is mine....

dont know where you get i have no life from becuase im pretty sure all i stated in my previous post is that i only play skyrim when i game, which is about 10hrs a week on a good week. i spend more time lifting weights, hanging out the woman, spending time with my dog, and doing just about everything else than i do gaming.

soooooooooooo, dont comment on things you simply cannot know, or dont understand since you interpreted my comment as "all i do is play skyrim all day everyday", last i checked you and i are not friends in real life so dont assume you know me, although you do a little better now since you have my schedule down to a tee

Trainz2407d ago

Never even cared for mass effect or dragon age games.
Skyrim on the other hand is the best RPG in existence.

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krontaar2407d ago

not sure i even want ME3 anymore, after what bioware is doing to it.

Virus2012407d ago


I think what Bioware is doing with ME3 is great. They are creating a singleplayer that can be played 3 different ways:

Mass Effect 3 will have three pre-set campaign modes: Action Mode, Story Mode, and RPG Mode. In Action Mode, conversations will have automatic replies and a normal combat difficulty. In Story Mode, conversations will have manual replies and a minimal combat difficulty. In RPG Mode, conversations will have manual replies and a normal combat difficulty. This last mode is reflective of the typical Mass Effect series experience.

This options caters to the casuals as well as to those who really want the Mass Effect RPG experience.

Optical_Matrix2407d ago

I haven't even played 1 and 2 so I guess I'll do that first.

lifesanrpg2407d ago

Star Wars the old rebpulic anyone?

ATi_Elite2407d ago

Star Wars The Old Republic...blah blah World of Warcraft clone blah blah blah Guild Wars 2 will be better. lol

Virus2012407d ago

I thought the same things as a joke when I read the title. Then I go and read this comment and honestly lol'ed.

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