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Games We Want Remade - Road Rash

ObnoxiousGamer: Road Rash was a classic title that provided gamers with two things they loved - violence and racing. Since then, many games have attempted to imitate Road Rash, but nothing will replace the original. (PS3, Xbox 360)

Agent-86  +   1166d ago
I would definitely buy it. Loved Road Rash on the old Genesis.
DigitalAnalog  +   1166d ago
Road Rash Jailbreak best co-op in a racing game..
Immensely enjoyed it with my buddy on the PSX. Definitely worth remade!
ZombieAssassin  +   1165d ago
I wish they'd release a new Road Rash, just make it a downloadable title I'm sure it'll sell a lot of copies off of nostalgia alone.
andrewsqual  +   1165d ago
Criterion released a great update for Burnout that added bikes. And it wasn't half arsed, the rider actually moved their legs and body realistically when steering and such. GIVE IT TO THEM EA. They would clearly do the series justice.
Saryk  +   1165d ago
If they made this, it would be preordered......
slugboss  +   1165d ago
GTA4 had a great opportunity to implement the mechanics properly, but they got lazy for some reason...
CrimsonEngage  +   1165d ago
Road Rash along with Killer Instinct 3 please. Day ones.
rattletop  +   1165d ago
i used to play roadrash a lot on my pentium 1 pc. lol i also played it last year on windows 7. an all-time favorite.
FreakyFox  +   1165d ago
I think a Road Rash game with today's tech would be very refreshing.

I know we have seen the police chase thing in Need for Speed,
but thier is just somthing more personel with getting hit around the head with a mace while on a motorbike. :D

The crash camera work in Burnout Paradise is the best ive ever seen, imagine that aplied to somthing like Road Rash , the crashes would be ohhhhhh delightful .

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