Craft Skyrim's best armour in two hours...

And 15 more essential tips to conquer Skyrim

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MEsoJD2251d ago

Fuck crafting for pc users, just open up the ingame console and spawn it.

BlmThug2252d ago

Skyrim is huge. Cant wait for my rig to arrive :D

silvacrest2251d ago

i dont no why you got disagrees, its a worth while game to upgrade for

slayorofgods2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Don't worry. I'll give you guys some agrees.

A good rig is a good thing if you are a true gammer even if you own consoles.

MRMagoo1232251d ago

why upgrade for it tho my pc isnt anywhere near the best but i can play the game on ultra with no slow down or lost frames seems kinda odd to me that anyone would need too.

slayorofgods2251d ago


fair point.. But, BlmThug might be purchasing his first rig.

The only thing I'm getting out of these dissagree's is that people wish Skyrim was console exclusive / pc gaming was dead or something to that effect.

What is wrong with getting a rig to game on? I prefer it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2251d ago

Wait...isn't Dragon armour suppose to be better?

Stapes72251d ago

No, daedric armour is the best, but you unlock dragon armour later because it is cheaper to craft.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2251d ago

Ahh ok. I'm currently around 72 so I've yet to unlock either. Good to know, thanks!

FFXI1012251d ago

You can get a Dragon Scale armor of Peerless Heath(light armor) in one of the caves, it'll increases your health by 70point.

I don't know if Dragon armor is better I have Daedric armor and make it to Legendary, which gives me total of 500points in armor(does not included shield)

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2251d ago

Daedric = best heavy armor
Dragon Scale = best light armor

hennessey862251d ago

is amazing yet so frustrating at times, I was on a very long horse ride for a story mission on which I sae a dragon attacking a village, so I thought I would help them out and guess what the villagers ganged up on me and killed me WTF. For some reaon during the long ass journey from riftwood when I killed 2 dragons on the way to the village it didnt auto save once so now I'm back at riftwood with that same journy to do again feel like snapping the disc in half im so pissed off

Legion2251d ago

I guess you have just learned an important lesson. Save before big battles and after long daunting travels or accomplishments. (Like mining forever)

ECM0NEY2251d ago

That is like Bethesda games 101. Save often with like 10 to 20 saves.

hennessey862250d ago

THE HARD WAY, another thing thats pissing me off though is my horse keeps on ruuning off to fight poeple and wolves and then I cant find the thing and 1000g is alot. your horse should have a marker on your compass I think

TheIneffableBob2251d ago

Does the console version have quicksave? Just do that. On the PC I just press F5 every couple minutes.

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