BF3 – Back to Karkand Assignments Explained, More Patches to Come, Console Map Size Unalterable

MP1st - In addition to the newly released Strike at Karkand gameplay trailer, DICE also gives us a look into their new “extended persistance” system.

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Majin-vegeta2346d ago

Nice but will they have a time limit to complete them or we can complete them whenever we want??

Mister_V2346d ago

Hasn't been confirmed but I'm 99.9% sure it's not limited to time :)

ssb31732346d ago

I hope so or else i'm going to have hell doing it fast enough

Hufandpuf2346d ago

Hopefully they'll add more guns and even camo patterns to the assignments. It'd be great to have multiple things to unlock and at our own time. For example, get 10 kills with a jet and receive an MP5 or knife 5 people and get an assassin (made that up) camo.

Criminal2346d ago

"get 10 kills with a jet and receive an MP5" this will take me 10 days or so. I still can't get kills with jets, but at least now I can keep them in the air for more than 5 mins without crashing.

Hufandpuf2346d ago

It would give you an incentive to keep trying and become really good in exchange for a weapon. So even though you may think it fir you, it really benefits the team because you will learn how to expert the jet

GamerSciz2346d ago

@Criminal well your above me on that one. I have kept one up in the air for about 30 seconds then dropped out and found out I was outside the map and died mid-air. I wish we could start an empty server and practice flying :(

Mister_V2346d ago

This first set of unlocks seem easy enough. It'll probably be round 20 kills with that weapon type, then a couple kills with some sort of class-specific equipment. Just like this "Let it rain" achievement.

Surfaced2346d ago

LMFAO @ the "Professional Russian" assignment

Solo2272345d ago

why are people asking for larger maps and more capture points? Some maps are already way to big... Firestorm is a beautiful map... But its needs to be chopped in half to ramp up the gameplay...

4 capture points are useless when you dont have enough ppl to keep the action going...

I love the game... But it does suck playing a 20 min match being at the top of the leaderboard and only having 10-15 kills at times...

I feel like I have to go look for ppl which isnt a good thing...

CrimsonEngage2345d ago

You obviously never played Modern Combat back in the day. 24 players and 5 to 6 flags. Then again, the maps weren't designed by retards like they are now.

FlareDReborn2345d ago

Darn now i got complete challenges..-__- oh well challenges excepted.

ExCest2345d ago

Challenges accepted* *smug face*

fixed for you

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