Video Guide Xbox 360 Clan tags for Modern Warfare 3 exploit

there has been a lot of talk about hacking modding and cheating on the brand new call of duty modern warfare 3 video game. There has also been lots of people thinking people cheat when they do not. There has been a lot of talk over the clan tags on call of duty modern warfare 3 for xbox 360 where you can get image button icons on your clan tag.

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websod2434d ago

so when you go on xbox 360 live and you see button icons in gamer tag clan tag place this is why. it is NOT hacking there is no hacks like wallhack esp ect

StanLee2434d ago

I do hate seeing it though. You didn't see it in Black Ops.

DirtyLary2434d ago

Do it, get reported, get perm banned or luckily a 7 day temp ban. It's your choice.

Solidus187-SCMilk2434d ago

yeah those people with these things in their clan tag are dip shits. Just IMO of course.

websod2434d ago

the blame is on the game makers that allow/made this mistake. they are not hacking they are not tampering they are just using allowed letters and that's the falut of the makers. but yes i do think it is lame and makes others not want to play even more so thinks there are hackers and such.

NO one is getting banned for this mark my words. NOW there is those that are using the removal of the rules to brake the rules to spell four letter words in there clan tags. those users MAY be temp banned.

GraveLord2434d ago

Seen people on PS3 with these icons too.
I wouldn't do it since I'd probably get banned or something

kamanashi2434d ago

I don't think they would ban you, but they would probably just reset your clan tag. Black Ops did the same with offensive emblems.

Rezka2434d ago

it annoys me when people do this, I mean they mess up my damn screen when i'm trying to see the killfeeds and stuff

Tomonobu Itagaki2434d ago

It seems too easy to achieve to be an exploit. Can't it be simply a hidden feature?

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