Rayman Origins - 10 ways to beat the Game

Ubisoft today released a new Video of Rayman Origins that shows 10 ways to beat the game.

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websod2431d ago

cool i like how there is more then one way to beat the game. thats cool good video

ssb31732431d ago

i hope it turns out to bea as good as all these articles and reviews say

JellyJelly2430d ago

There's a demo for it on Xbox Live. The graphics are really good and the gameplay isn't too shabby either :)

ssb31732430d ago

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, thanks for the info :D

colonel1792430d ago

the game is awesome. It reminds me a bit of Earthworm Jim. The controls are perfect, and the graphics gorgeous in my 55" TV. Absolutely worth it!