Rockstar "adore" Bully. Won't write-off possible sequel

"Rockstar’s Dan Houser has reaffirmed the company’s interest in the Bully IP, stating that it is a franchise that they "adore" and they would consider returning to at some stage."

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NYC_Gamer2317d ago

i really hope we get another bully :)

yess2317d ago

Bully and if you got time, another Smuglers run.
Thank you..

Fylus2317d ago

I LOVED Bully. It is to this day, my all time favorite Rockstar game.

fuzion17c2317d ago

Bully 2 NEEDS to be based in college! Imagine all of the possibilities with:

- Frats & Sororities
- Pledging
- Frat & Sorority Parties
- More, varied classes
- Bigger outside community
- More sports
- Crazier shenanigans altogether!

websod2317d ago

just what the world needs! More bullys!

AntiTroll2317d ago


Fuck Max Payne 3, make Bully 2!

LettingGo2317d ago

Agreed! Max Payne 3 looks...generic. :/

lh_swe2317d ago

I disagree, Max Payne looks to have some of the best third person gun play I have seen in a long, long time.

On the topic of Bully tho, I do desperately want a new one since its one of my favourite games of all time.

NukaCola2315d ago

I would agree until I saw new footage. Max Payne 3 looks pretty damn good. Only issue is pacing. It could get repetative. I hope not and hope the story is good.

kaveti66162317d ago

A little off-topic, but did you guys hear about that anti-bullying law in Michigan that has a clause which allows people to bully gay people on moral grounds? Complete insanity if you ask me. Another crazy thing that happened in Congress is that Congress decided to categorize pizza as a vegetable since it contains 2 or more table spoons of tomato sauce on it. It's ridiculous in itself but add the fact that tomatoes are not even considered vegetables and you've got an ineffective Congress.

NBT912317d ago

A little off topic, you say? =P You are right tough, its a load of rubbish.

On topic - Bully was one of the most fun experiences to be had on PS2, fantastic game and I have wanted a sequel since about a year after it came out. Sorry Rockstar, I am calling your bluff on this one. The game is old now, if you were going to make a sequel, surely it would have been done by now?

falcon2622317d ago

"The game is old now, if you were going to make a sequel, surely it would have been done by now?"
Ahem....Duke Nukem sure took its sweet @ss time!

lh_swe2317d ago

You also don't think they had other games on their plate? I don't think every company is keen on pushing out sequels every year because the room for innnovation shrinks and the fanbase stops growing.

r212317d ago

bully! please rockstar, make bully 2 :D

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The story is too old to be commented.