Will GT6 Be a Playstation 4 Release Title?

There are many rumours circling the web at the moment relating to the next GT title being a release title for the Playstation 4. Spunwicked investigates...

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websod2410d ago

shoot i hope it comes out on ps3 and then a new one for ps4 because i want a new one sooner rater then later.

showtimefolks2408d ago

Call me crazy but I see GT6 in October-November 2012. The engine is ready they need to add aout 200 premium cars adding to 200 plus they already had in gt5.

So we don't need all those basic cars just give us 400-500 premium cars and give us some verity please. Online for gt5 is great and lag fre but how about some more community features.

Gt5 helped forza 4 become a better game I do hope as a racing fan that forza 4 helps gt6 in some ways when it comes to online features because the racing aspect of it GT5 has that perfected no need to mess with that.

Keep the night racing
Keep the weather settings

So gt6 in 2012 and GT7 will launch with os4 in fall 2014 on a new engine now that makes perfect sense

Dee_912408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

hold on wait
let me check my crystal ball

My guess would be a ps3 title.
1 if it would be a ps4 title I doubt it would be a launch title because like gt5 they would more than likely have to make a new engine or upgrade the current engine which took most of the development time with gt5.
2. Kaz said a number of times the wait for gt6 wont be as long as it took for gt5 . That tells me they plan on using the same engine with gt6.

ssb31732410d ago

If it did then this would ne one hell of a launch game

Dante1122409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

What I was thinking. GT6 with the launch of the PS4 would be epic.


I think GT6 started development right after GT5 was release according to a couple of interviews I'm looking at. Yama does like to develop games for a LONG time though so who knows.

ProjectVulcan2409d ago

Lets say it would be even though it is entirely unlikely, it would possibly be the first ever truly photorealistic title in game.

I always said racing games will be the first to achieve photorealism in motion, and i think that one more generation is all we need.

Imagine GT5 photo mode, but even MORE advanced. I doubt most people would be able to pick out what was the game and what was a photo or video of racing.

kaveti66162408d ago

I don't think it will be photorealistic. It depends on how much time the developer is willing to spend on the little details that ultimately don't matter to the gaming experience, but that will make the game look better. We know that Polyphony Digital wants to spend more time on the vehicles than on the trees and the buildings in the background and the spectators. The cars will end up looking photorealistic, as many of the premium models in GT5 already do, but there simply wouldn't be enough time or enough manpower to make a truly photorealistic console game.

It's another reason why the modding community for PC games can be so valuable. Games like Crysis look really great on max settings for PC, but they don't really look photorealistic until you apply the mods to the them.

Dee_912408d ago

If anybody PD are the ones to focus on the little things.Some buildings already are photorealistic. No doubt in my mind next gen more background scenary will be photorealistic

Dee_912408d ago

Okay what does that have to with anything I said ?
Just because they didnt focus on it with GT5 dont mean they wont on Next gen .. which was the entire point both me and vulcan were making

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gustave1542409d ago

agreed. i think we will see GT6 prologue first though... Since GT5 Prologue sold TONS of copies...

WooHooAlex2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

If it is, I'd bet it will get revealed alongside the PS4, but there is no way it would be in the actual launch window.

PirateThom2409d ago

I can definitely see it being released within the first 5 years of the PS4's life...

Well, that's a joke but they have a better platform for content going forward, the current GT5 premium models have the photo mode models which would, theoretically, be able to run on the next platform in higher fidelity than the current GT5 gameplay. They're also focusing on new cars going forward and, hopefully, manage to make the tracks as impressive as Spa but, again, in higher fidelity.

kaveti66162408d ago

"I can definitely see it being released within the first 5 years of the PS4's life..."

That's a very conservative claim. I wouldn't doubt it.

Nitrowolf22409d ago

Probably at Launch. PD already said GT6 won't take as long, and if anything PS4 will be designed a lot easier then the PS3 like Sony had said it would be. So expecting it as a launch title isn't totally off. Hell we can probably see GT6 in a year or two for PS3.

Me-Time2408d ago

I'm Prison Mike! FTW!

Agree with all that you said but I hope it's for the PS4. I more than like won't be able to get a PS4 right when it releases, but why be selfish? I don't like how people bring up not wanting to pay for a whole new system to play one game. It's just a dumb excuse for their impatience and non-selflessness.

Later Prison Mike! lol

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