Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword wipes the floor with Twilight Princess

Zelda fans give their first impressions of Skyward Sword after playing it through the night. The verdict? It's better than Twilight Princess.

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ssb31732312d ago

Absolutely amazing game, been playing it and its just too good.

Pikajew2311d ago

I have to wait a few weeks to play it :(

josephayal2311d ago

Sorry but ocarina still the best Zelda eva

Mykky2311d ago

I liked the atmosphere, the villages and the iconic music in ocarina but gameplay, sidequests and story are much better in Skyward. I have a hard time choosing between the two..

tunaks12311d ago

Wipes the floor? That is a little much.

TP probably has the best atmosphere second only to Majoras Mask. SS looks amazing, but the game doesn't look to focused on providing a memorable atmosphere.

Mykky2310d ago

Agreed! Majoras Mask's atmosphere was awesome!