Kitase on how Western influences and Japanese mythology have shaped FFXIII-2 [Interview]

IncGamers chat to Yoshinori Kitase, the legendary and long-time director of the Final Fantasy series.

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iamtehpwn2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

You know, people criticize the western influence in Final Fantasy lately, particularly XIII, even though in reality, XIII was the most Modern-Japanese Game Design Final Fantasy they may ever made in terms of the characters, outrageous style, and etc. I too though, wish they would return more to the roots of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy, at it's core, always does best as a game that draws in all kinds of influences.

Lavalamp2374d ago

"What we did in the development of XIII-2 was round up some test players in each of the three regions, which is something we’d not done before."

Makin' progress. Thumbs up SE!

majiebeast2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Square enix just keeps trying to reinvent the wheel and everytime they do it the wheel just keeps getting a bit more square. Its just sad to see how they are just nosediving a franchise i grew up with into the ground. So they can appeal to the new gamers who have the attention span of a kid on sugar rush. Dragonquest works cause it stays true to its origin and doesnt do massive overhauls in gameplay.

Xenoblade is a great jrpg cause the world around it is fantastic instead of just corridors and hallways. It stays true to what a jrpg is about good story and a amazing world, combat isnt the strongest point but it gets the job done and still far superior to the crapfest paradigm system.

Zelda changes a bit with every game but it stays true to the core elements of the series they dont alienate the old fans of the franchise but make it accesible for new players to jump in. Thats what SE should have done instead.

Thats what i meant with the radical changes with the change of gameplay going from semi open world to basicly 20+hours of corridors and hallways i will say i want to see them return to turnbased for the main series cause it works and its enjoyable.

iamtehpwn2374d ago

if you're telling Final Fantasy not to make Drastic changes every time, you're not a real Final Fantasy fan. Change is a great driving force and what makes Final Fantasy so great.

Final Fantasy should continue to have overhauls in gameplay, but those overhauls should be new ways to explore the world, new outlooks on previous concepts. We wouldn't have had revolutionary FF's like 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10 had they always stuck to the same thing.

We want change with FF. We just want GOOD change. Not Hallways and repetitive battles.

Ddouble2374d ago

Innovation is what FF games great and Fresh. That is something they should never stop doing. They learnt a valuable lesson with FFXIII and it will be the last time you see corridors like that.

FF Type-0 does a lot of new things but also sticks to a lot of the core things each FF game has and the reception for it has been good so they should never stop trying new things imo.

CLOUD19832374d ago

majiebeast cant agree with u more, FF can try new things w/o take away all the classic elements the game is known and loved for, like exploration for example.

It wasn't until FFXII that I start hate what FF has become it was a game I finish once and never touch again.

SE must return to turn based battles again so we will be able to control all the characters not only 1 and the rest be on some auto-pilot and play on their own, that sucks and it is one of the major turn off for me on every new FF after FFX.

This action battle system SE try to adopt change the strategical feel of the game and transform it into some kind of hack n slash where u spam buttons like crazy and most of the times u do the same things, best example FF:CC.

What we play after FFX every game SE made with few words, is not FF for me it's a different game it change so much that the only way to recognize what game u play is to read the name of items and spells that's probably the only thing they left untouched in some degree.

Bring back old good FF and make it again what it was the best traditional JRPG series, no more westernization on JRPG's!!! we dont want that if I want to play a WRPG I can play Skyrim & Dragon Age but I dont! I want old good traditional turn-based JRPG and I cant find any anymore.