Not even the Dark Knight can solve the 'Three Rings of Death'

Express-Times writer Tom Shortell was trying to write a review of the latest Batman game, but a Red Ring of Death had other plans.

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sjaakiejj2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

At the risk of sounding like a hater: Hence why you shouldn't use the 360 for reviewing a game.

If a game is on Ps3, Xbox 360 and PC, and I had a strict deadline to review a game, I would do so with platform of choice in this order, based on reliability:

PC > PS3 > Xbox 360

It still surprises me that a lot of general reviewers, amongst others Gametrailers, fail to use the PC version to review the game.

Nerdmaster2405d ago

Well, generally the PC version of any game has better framerate and resolution (and most of the times better graphics and online) than the console version. So a review of the PC version would not mention problems that exist on the console version, and the majority of players buy their games for consoles.

There are some games that I played on PC first, and when I played the console counterpart, I was kind of disappointed, mainly because of the framerate and resolution. Some examples are Sonic Generations, Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV.

sjaakiejj2405d ago

True, but at the same time the problems will be different on each platform, so you'll end up ignoring some of them on at least one of the platforms anyway, so you might as well pick the platform that shows you the game in a form that's closest to the developer's design

spacedelete2405d ago

"It still surprises me that a lot of general reviewers, amongst others Gametrailers, fail to use the PC version to review the game."

maybe because most people play on consoles thats why -_-

sjaakiejj2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

The game's the same on every platform, with the exception of finer visuals.

It's also the platform that sits right in between the Xbox and the PS3, as it's a platform everyone is familiar with, allowing for a more general review.

SignifiedSix2405d ago

His xbox must have been really dirty. If people were smart enough and out of warranty, they would take them apart to clean them.
i took my friends Resident Evil 5 edition 360 apart yesterday and the thing was caked with dust.
The DVD drive wouldn't even read discs, because the motor that spun the disc, had hair wrapped around it. Cleaned the eye also.
Took the motherboard out and took the heatsinks off to replace the thermal paste with top of the line paste.
Now his xbox runs like brand new.
If you want your xbox to last forever, or even your PS3, i suggest keeping it clean!

SignifiedSix2403d ago

Lol, 3 retards disagree. Have fun with your brick when it overheats! ;D

Venjense2405d ago

His 360 comes back in December but it will break again and again. I had 4 break on me.

May as well just buy a Slim now or a PS3 and sell the refirbished one it while it works.