Skyrim's Graphics are Underappreciated; Screenshot Blowout That Shows Its Visual Glory

Kartik writes: "We have some stunning screenshots for you that show Skyrim in all its glory. People often overlook the graphics of this game, but we think it’s time to give its due. Bethesda has crafted a marvellous and unique world, with tons of attractions."

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mandf2438d ago

Great art style but horrible graphics at times. Most people confuse the two.

BakedGoods2438d ago

Yes, very true!

The environments and animations look great, but the world textures (although items look amazing) seem low-res. I'm sure texture packs will up that.

Neckbear2438d ago

No, the animations are awful at times. They're not like they were in either Fallout 3 or Oblivion, but holy hell if they aren't still lacking.

Kur02438d ago

The awful ragdoll physics crack me up every time.

BakedGoods2438d ago

The ragdoll physics can be ridiculous, but at least we can use 3rd person without cringing. The enemy attack animations are much better too.

slayorofgods2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

"horrible graphics" is a bit harsh but I agree with your point.

Skyrim's graphics aren't on par with a Battlefield 3 or Witcher 2... But the size of the game is much bigger then it's competition.

Withcher 2 takes up about 20 gigs and the world is much smaller then Skyrim. Imagine how much space that type of graphics would take up for Skyrim... I'd say easily 100 gigs.

RedDead2438d ago

They are horrible though by today standards, no one really cares I think. The aesthetics are good so it kinda evens out most of the time.

mandf2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I'm saying in some spots not all.

@ reddeaddestroyer I can see you get it. Spot On!!

slayorofgods2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

..and the game is also massive compared to todays standards.

Most games you get a small linear feeling arena that looks pretty but doesn't reach very far. If you are SE with FF you don't even include towns or exploration because of the space it takes up.... I'm not saying Skyrim's graphics are the best. But giving up what it has to offer for more eye candy would make the game worse.

Baring the actual size of this game "horrible graphics" is a bit harsh. This isn't a cgi masterpiece with a little game in it, this is a actual game.

Tony P2438d ago

If the graphics are under-appreciated it's probably because Skyrim debuted during the same console gen.

TES was not tied to console cycles previously. Now that it is, they have to rely on tricks and fakery to make Skyrim look like as huge a leap forward as Oblivion was from Morrowind or Morrowind was from Daggerfall.

I mean, it's a great game, but they aren't fooling anyone here.

brettyd2438d ago

overall it's a beautiful game. considering how massive it is, it's very impressive.

Pikajew2438d ago

I have a question. In Oblivion stuff looked good from afar and looked ugly closely. Does this happen in Skyrim?

Miths2438d ago

It looks better than Oblivion for sure, but even at ultra settings on PC (I only play at high due to an aging computer, but I've tried ultra) the views into the far distance can still seem pretty rough.
However I do feel the mountainous terrain does a good job of camouflaging it in many areas.

Darkfiber2438d ago

Looks decent but does not compete with some of the games out there. Then again, it's a massive open world with a fairly impressive draw distance. Definitely more immersive than their past games due to the graphics, though. If only they used ID tech 5 after acquiring ID...

brettyd2438d ago

Why so it could have insane texture issues? no thanks.

Captain Qwark 92438d ago

idk why is such a big deal, stuff looks great from a proper distance, esp if your running around questing fighting, smithing, etc, basically just playing the game. if you people are spending that much time zooming in to look at the textures of a brick then you are kind of ridiculous.

MajorJackHoff2437d ago

"if you people are spending that much time zooming in to look at the textures of a brick then you are kind of ridiculous."

I don't know why, but I laughed at this.

Probably because I'm delirious from being up all night playing Skyrim.

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