Metal Gear Solid 5 Likely Won’t Be A PS3 Exclusive

Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming, as we’re sure you’ve heard by now. With Hideo Kojima at the helm Metal Gear Solid 5 is without question one of the most anticipated games yet to be released. So far no platforms for the next installment of the series has been announced but unlike Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Solid 5 won’t be saddled to one system.

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belal2286d ago

Thats what i'm thinking too, it makes sense.

Diver2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

kojima said a few months ago he was working to a ps3 - vita game.

ksense2286d ago

"UP UNTIL NOW, we have been developing games exclusively for specific platforms. But in the future, we look to go more global. And we are paving the road to go multiplatform for future titles. Of course, the dev tools are included, so hopefully, we can push out great games with shorter development times."

the game has probably been in development since mgs 4 released or maybe after peacewalker which kojima was involved in. this is hideo saying we have been exclusively working one platform this gen and NEXT GEN we want to use the fox engine and release our titles on all platforms. To be honest I think mgs5 is real i mean what else could he have been working on all these years.

Nate-Dog2286d ago

If MGS5 does come I think it would be more a case of PS3/Xbox360, and possibly PC and WiiU (possibly PC because I don't know how Rising will sell on it and maybe that'll be the indicator KP will want to decide, and WiiU because while everyone probably thinks it wouldn't happen, Nintendo confirmed a day or two after the unveiling of the WiiU that they had contacted KP and Konami about getting at least some of the future MGS titles onto their console. Doesn't mean it'll definitely happen but why else would KP go to so much trouble to develop the Fox Engine which they said they were doing to make multiplatform games and then not go all out?)

DonMingos2286d ago

If MGS5 is not exclusive, then i would bet that Syphon Filter 5 is on his way, since PS always needs to have a good stealth exclusive. The same with xbox, that's why microsoft payed for SC conviction exclusivity

belal2286d ago

Only time will tell. I don't really care , it just need to be kojima making the game and i'm happy.

MariaHelFutura2286d ago

I'd like it to be a PS4 launch title.

Disccordia2286d ago

Despite the news from OPM MGS5 has NOT actually been officially confirmed. In fact of you go to their website and read the article it says something along the lines of "kojima talks candidly about his plans for a mgs5".

So until people get to read the article I think it's fair to say don't get too excited because to me that sounds like he's thinking about it and might do it at some point but is hardly compelling evidence that it's actually in development. Unless I've missed something?

Anyway I agree with Pirate - HK said the Fox engine would run multi plat games but people are forgetting the Vita and PS3 technically counts as multiplatform.

Godmars2902286d ago

What makes more sense is that the fox engine will be multi. So MGS5 will be as well. The only real bad thing about will be the annoying number of flame and fanboy articles announcing how Sony's lost another exclusive.

Though the real issue will be the disc format MS decides on for next gen. If its not BR or up to BR's spces, they're going to f*** over the industry like they did this time.

Going to be interesting to see if it comes to WiiU, since it only represents a slight upgrade over the PS3/360. If it can't run Fox engine or has to be downgraded, then Nintendo is going to be in a pickle.

MysticStrummer2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

PS4 and NextHaloGearsForzaBox

SnotyTheRocket2286d ago

likely wont be on ps3, prolly ps4

dcortz20272286d ago

Haha, nice! I want it to be exclusive to Sony platforms to make Xbox owners and fanboys mad.

delosisland2286d ago

Hint. I wouldn't get mad at all...there's more to life chief

ZippyZapper2286d ago

MGS5 will be on PS4 and 720

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NYC_Gamer2286d ago

this shouldn't anger anyone besides fanboys who might boycott/start some online petition......sellout!!!!!

MysticStrummer2286d ago

Most MG games have appeared on multiple platforms so it shouldn't anger anyone. MS fans are silly if they think the game will be "stolen" if it comes to their console, and Sony fans are silly if they think Kojima's a sellout if it goes multiplatform.

PetitPiPi2286d ago

With over 50 million 360's on the market & the WiiU on the way, it would be an idiotic decision not to go multiplat. Unless ofcourse Sony pays an incredible amount of money to keep it exclusive.

I'm cool with whatever decision they make. If it's only on PS3, i'll skip. If not, i'll buy it day one. Simply as that.

Gonna be a great game either way. Hopefully all gamers, no matter the platform, get a chance to play it. :D

SoapShoes2286d ago

Wth is your problem? You'll skip if it's only on PS3? Guess you aren't a Metal Gear fan.

PetitPiPi2286d ago

I don't own a PS3. And i'm not buying a PS3 for MGS5. I won't be playing Zelda either. There is no issue here. There will be plenty of other games. Wtf is your problem?

SoapShoes2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Stop being such a baby. If you're not buying a PS3 then stop whining about exclusives. Even if MGS5 isn't PS3/Vita only, you're being ridiculous for even caring.

delosisland2286d ago

Wow u guys get on his case..yet half of u boycott if its also for xbox...sigh

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Mohdunknown2286d ago

Stating the obvious no? Why would a big third party publisher with not contract obligation develop HD exclusives in this hard economy??

rabidpancakeburglar2286d ago

Can't say that this bothers me in the slightest.

towelie12882286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

great bring it to 360
i love me some MGS!!!!
pretty much the only sony exclusive that i grew up playing and fucking love
soo now MGSHD is coming to 360 and MGS Rising and now MGS5!!!

bring on the sony Fanboy Hate

MariaHelFutura2286d ago

Why are you encouraging fanboy hate?

towelie12882286d ago

because obviously some maturity is lacking in that area

MysticStrummer2286d ago

So you're one of the silly people I referred to above.

SoapShoes2286d ago

You don't love MGS or you'd actually care about playing MGS4 at some point, your post clearly states that you are willing to look past it. You're a sorry excuse of a fanboy.

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