Battlefield 3: PC Conquest on Strike At Karkand Is Gonna Be Large - 7 Objectives

EA released a new trailer showing PC footage of Strike at Karkand map for Battlefield 3. The HUD clearly shows seven flags, which means the DLC maps are gonne be very large - easily much bigger than the vanilla maps of the FPS.

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Septic2290d ago

Wow! That is going to be intense!!

ATi_Elite2290d ago

Been having a blast playing BF3 on Ultra but for me BF3 really kicks off when the back to Karkand map pak gets unleashed.

Karkand, Sharqi, Oman, and Wake island plus Operation Firestorm and Caspian Border will be my home.

Battlefield 3 = BEST SHOOTER EVER!

Agent-862290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Yep, Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm are also my favorite maps, but I also do like Kharg Island. Just add that one and that would be an awesome 7 map rotation for a server. Absolutely love BF3!

Oh, by the way, didn't the original Karkand have 7 flags as well? Four on one side of the river and 3 on the other. Since this is a remake, one would think that it would also have 7 flags.

hiredhelp2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Wtf the disagrees, firestorm caspian awsome maps?
I too cant wait for new maps BF3 has been a game that has drove many on pc mad with issue and some lucky folk with no issues on PC, but still we cant seem to stop playing it cos its that dam good. Conquest rocks love hardcore too New maps vieachles and weapons all free limited edition WTG DICE. :)

Majin-vegeta2290d ago

Lucky mofo's oh well i'll settle with the console version.

ssb31732290d ago

Wow, too bad i dont have the pc verion coz this looks great. the ps3 version will have to wait for me as i get to that point

Optical_Matrix2290d ago

I think I read somewhere that consoles will get 5 objectives which to me is still pretty nuts. Can't wait :0

Cosmit2290d ago


Oh god I hope not. 4 flags is already pretty "boring" as it is on consoles. Which are caspian, firestorm, and Khark.

My opinion. If that limit was raised to 32 then I wouldn't mind 4 flags but as it is now people can barely top like 7 or 8 kills in the whole round on those maps. So 5 flags will be extremely boring to play with on consoles.

Mrmagnumman3572290d ago

OH YEAH! can't wait to play this on pc!

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