The Top 10 Great Non-Final Fantasy RPGs

GamesRadar writes:
"We can all agree that Final Fantasy is the world's favorite RPG series. The problem with its immense popularity is that the number two favorite series, Dragon Quest, is owned by the same company - Square-Enix. Millions of devoted gamers stick to these two franchises (or others created by mega-developer) instead of branching out and trying something that doesn't have "Square" or "Enix" on the box.

But you really should take a chance on something else for a change. Let the other guys shine for just a moment. Dig up a classic that exists solely in the hearts and minds of aging gamers around the world - or play something that was overlooked and buried by another Square media blitz.

Not sure what to try? Have we got a list for you."

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DemiseofPandas3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I would also have added games like Breath of Fire, Legend of Legaia, Wild Arms, Golden Sun, and Xenosaga. (as long as you enjoy the story)

MK_Red3915d ago

Agreed on Xenosaga and Breath of Fire. Also, I'd suggest Suikoden 3 instead of 4.

They missed some really great non-FF RPGs...

X3914d ago

I would like to add shining force 1 and 2.

JsonHenry3914d ago

Wow, I must be a nut job because the words "Final Fantasy" would never be listed under any top 10 RPG list I made.

however, it would be number one on a strategy list for me. FF Tactics FTW!!

lonestarmt3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

heck yeah X!!!! Shinning force 1 & 2 are actually the games I have most played in my life. I still like going back to them. I kept my genesis for it. I wouldn't be into rpgs if it weren't for those two. I know there were good rpgs before them, but those popped my RPG cherry, and I will always remember them.

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mazirjones3915d ago

who cares about chrono trigger/cross anyways?

CRIMS0N_W0LF3914d ago

its made by squaresoft it can't be in list

Brainiac 83914d ago

Suikoden 1 & 2 were two of the best RPGs ever made, and I still play them today.

Plus the Lunar 1 & 2 were also great.

I never cared for the Wild Arms games though.

Lex Luthor3914d ago

KOTOR 1 plain and simple.

Darth Malak is a much better villian than that [email protected] Sephiroth.

lonestarmt3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

KOTOR IMO was the best american made rpg on any console, but I still think its a little overated like sometimes the FF series can be. I think because of so many fanatic star war fans, combined with all the people that hate J-rpgs, people say its one of the best rpgs, and it isn't.

[email protected] aw really ok, then I mean NA game. Ok does the work western rpg?? lol

Daxx3914d ago

"KOTOR IMO was the best american made rpg on any console"

Correction: KOTOR was made by the Canadians. BioWare being a Canada based company and all.

x440Magnumx3914d ago


Canada is in North America. D'oh!

Daxx3914d ago

Yes but he at first meant by America as the country not as the continent. D'oh you back!

And yes I also know as a fact that in some countries when you say America they ask "Which one? North or South?" but because I am a U.S. citizen whenever I say America I mean the USA.

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RadientFlux3914d ago

Funny thing even if included... Final Fantasy doesn't even come close to my Top Ten list of RPGs.

SuicidalTendencies3914d ago

The only Final Fantasy game I ever liked was FFVI. I wouldn't put any of them in a top ten list. All the RPG's they mentioned on that list are way better then any FF game.

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