Microsoft Silently Knocks Down Xbox 360 Pirates, Starts Flagging Pirated Consoles Online

"Yesterday was a bad day for all Xbox 360 users who had pirated their Xbox 360 by using a custom flashed DVD firmware or were using xk3y and were playing pirated games online. It has been confirmed by c4eva that as of right now Xbox Live is 100% unsafe and playing on Live will only result in flagging your console. Read On to find out the cause of this problem."

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fluffydelusions2318d ago

Good, ban these scurvy pirate dogs.

darthv722317d ago

they could never make something someone couldnt find a way around it. Chances are these users will be back online doing what they do best while the rest go about it the right way.

mandf2318d ago

You can tell it's x-mas time again. Every year around x-mas they start banning consoles for various reasons.

darthv722317d ago

yes they are banning consoles and no not just because its xmas season. They have been banning them usually each time a small security update is released.

It becomes a bigger story because it gets lumped in with the increase of 360 purchases as xmas gifts. Its easy to add the ones banned to the overall total for the season but the majority of purchases at this time are generally gifts.

radphil2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

True, but at the same time you know this is a clockwork move by them.

It really does make sense when you think about it though, even on a business scale.

A good time to get a console is during the holidays, and if you block those that are illicit in what they do, if they want to continue playing the system, they'll have to buy a new one.

SITH2317d ago

Swing that ban hammer round and round!

That what they get for pirating! I hope when the ban hammer lands, it wipes them out!

They'll be back... and so will the hammer.

opinska2317d ago

lol nice one! true that.

TheWolverine2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Game companies should've gotten in on the Thor movie and had him (and his hammer) endorse the banning of pirate gamers. That would have been hilarious.