Can Metal Gear Solid 5 save gaming?

With the news that Kojima is about to spill the beans on Metal Gear Solid 5, can the great developer and his team inject some much needed spice into gaming and save it from its spiralling into repetition hell.

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fluffydelusions2317d ago

What's wrong with gaming apart from the over-saturated FPS genre? We had tons of great games this year...Deus Ex, Skyrim, Gears 3, UC3, LBP2 etc etc. But of course anything MGS is welcome :)

Septic2317d ago

Precisely. There is nothing wrong with gaming.

Deus Ex

What more do you want?!

Batzi2317d ago

With all due respect to that list you offered but it's obvious and clear that you are a COD hater because COD alone with the number of players per day on both Xbox Live and PSN exceeding 4 million people is pretty much everything one should know about. This is crazy, and this is GAMING on fire. :D Metal Gear Solid is always welcomed and it will always add something to the gaming industry, something developers should learn about.

darthv722317d ago

To be honest. That is NOT the fault of the developers. Like it or not the fault lies solely on the consumers.

Sales are made because it is what people want. Not what the devs give us. There is something to be said about why so many people go to MCDonalds instead of BK or Wendys or CarlJr. It isnt the food.

If it was then those other places would be doing better because they have a better product. Yet people are more interested in what works for THEM. Game developers have tried new stuff and consumers arent biting as much as what THEY want.

So can you really blame a company for giving the majority of the buying public what they are paying their $$$ for?

On topic...we have been down this path multiple time. This game will save that or can that save this. AS A WHOLE...gaming does not need saving. Last I checked it was getting bigger than music movies and (gasp) PRON!

Jobesy2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

This is an xbox site, of course they feel they have a lack of variety. Only time of year they get some variety is around the holidays, the rest of the year is stale. For PS3 owners the whole year rocks, with a variety of games from different genres.

This is what happens when you lack 1st party studios.

LOGICWINS2317d ago

"Can Metal Gear Solid 5 save gaming?"

I wasn't aware that gaming needed saving. Have you not seen what COD has been doing to popularize gaming for the past half decade?

cpayne932317d ago

It figures that you would get disagrees for that. I don't like cod myself, but I can't ignore the fact that it has made gaming more popular and mainstream.

LOGICWINS2317d ago

Saying something positive about COD on N4G garners the same response as telling a 4 year old that Santa Clause doesn't exist.

Hicken2316d ago

Popularizing something doesn't necessarily make it better.

Specifically, the casualization of gaming is seen by "old heads" as detrimental. Given that the majority of people who play CoD fall rather squarely into the "casual" category of gamers, and thus don't buy a variety, but generally one or two franchises or like games, it causes less mainstream games like, say, Valkyria Chronicles to be overlooked, despite being an amazing title. And while it can be argued that such niche titles aren't expected to sell well in the first place, it's only when any niche gets sufficient exposure that it becomes mainstream, like the FPS genre currently is.

So while CoD's popularity with the common person has made gaming more popular, it hasn't necessarily made gaming better, and it's actually arguable that it has, indeed, put gaming as a whole in jeopardy.

Captain Qwark 92317d ago

you fellows forgot dark souls....but beyond that i didnt know it needed saving either, in fact i think this has been the best year in gaming for over a decade

Convas2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Surely the OP of this article jests?

One game is NOT going to save gaming, nor does gaming need saving. There's an insane variety of new and old IPs coming up in 2012, a great time of much variety.

Not to mention that MGS5 exists in namesake only, we know nothing about it, whether it's still in idea mode, pre-planning, pre-development, or already being worked on. OP could be banking on a game we might not see for 3-4 years.

Just another website with a sensationalist title looking for hits. Ain't gonna get mine!

DonaldBeck2317d ago

I think you meant retard...-_-

OcularVision2317d ago

I think you meant 'retarded'

Nate-Dog2317d ago

Didn't realise the gaming world was on the verge of crumbling.

NYC_Gamer2317d ago

when did gaming start dying?

TLG19912317d ago

the day COD was the biggest selling entertainment item of all time *troll face* lol only kidding... kind of

theres nothing wrong though everything is good with all these fantastic games but who would ever say no to metal gear :D

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