Would Skyrim for PS3 Be Better With Move Compatibility?

Suddenbrain: Asking whether or not Skyrim could be better, to the Suddenbrain team at least, is considered gaming blasphemy. I should be tarred, feathered, and exiled Thunderdome style just for thinking it, but I’m curious to know what the people think. Would Skyrim for PS3 Be Better With Move Compatibility? To break the ice I’ll answer first: I say yes not because I think dual wielding Move controllers would be all that cool, but because I would assume that we would also be able to shout in dragon tongue at our TV’s and that alone makes my inner-nerd tingle to no end. Less us know what you think by casting your vote and leaving a comment below. ZUL MEY GUT!

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Kain812291d ago

The PS-move was the first thing that come to my mind after the announcement of Skyrim last would work very well with this game...

Septic2291d ago

I would definately get it for the PS3 if it did support MOVE. It seems like a wasted opportunity.

iamnsuperman2291d ago

A lot of developers are ignoring the move. I assume it is down to added cost that many will not use but for games like skyrim and a lot of FPS would work well with a move option

LOGICWINS2291d ago

Would have gotten it in heartbeat if it had Move support. I'll still get it if I can find it at $30 on Black Friday.

The_Nameless_One2291d ago

That would mean they would have to do some actual development on the PS3 beyond their "porting prowess".

rob60212291d ago

Added cost... or they already made a contract with Microsoft for timed DLC exclusivity, which makes it difficult for them to partner with Sony by putting move support in. Funny, I know of a popular shooter that does timed DLC with MS, that doesn't have move support in their game either. I'll even say it, and probably get reamed: funny both games look better on MS console after MS contract.

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Series_IIa2291d ago


Just like MS stopped Move being implemented on Uncharted 3 as well?

rob60212291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

How do you expect to climb around in a 3rd person game that is half platformer with the move? I'd think it'd be pretty awkward. With all the melee in that game and what not, I just don't see it competing with the controller in U3. It's possible, but it's reasonable to see why Sony would give ND a pass on implementing move into Uncharted.

DA_SHREDDER2291d ago

maybe if it had an analog on the move controller. And also a glowing orb thingy on the navigator. I can't even comprehend how Sony thought they were gonna beable to launch the move and think it would be a good thing when the only way to move the camera angle on any game is by pointing in the direction you want, or the two step process of pressing a button and using the navigators analog in the direction you wanna look. At least the Wiimote has a d-pad. Tiny buttons and big ol "Move" button, lol, its a joke. But I'll even admit the technology has tons of room for improvement. The 1:1 aspect works perfectly.

baodeus2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

the problem i would see with move is that, how would u navigate while duel wielding, or using magic on one hand and melee weapon on another?

MariaHelFutura2291d ago

You would need 2 wands to play it properly.....but then you wouldnt be able to move. Ironically.

josephps32290d ago

Move was made for Skyrim. Imagine how immersed you'll be in the game when you're actually swinging and blocking BUT can you imagine the bug nightmare with Bethesda at the helm.

Whats the point of having move if its not going to be done right. Ppl will just try it for an hour and never touch it again.

Bethesda=Bugs the two words go hand in hand

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ceedubya92291d ago

Move support would be very well suited for a game like this.

The_Nameless_One2291d ago

Bethesda supporting the PS3 in any other capacity then just another means of income is not going to happen. I think this gen they pretty much made their position clear on where they stand and which platform they want to fully support.

LOGICWINS2291d ago

Thats why I would never spend more than $30 on Skyrim, despite how good the game probably is. Bethesda KNOWS that the PS3 version of the game is inferior to the 360 version...yet they released it anyways.

Thats straight up laziness right there. They don't deserve my full $60.

Halochampian2291d ago

You sound super butthurt. Oh well your loss.

Both versions are inferior to the PC but I guess that's being lazy as well. Maybe they should just hold back their games a year for PS3 like they did oblivion.

Put more time into so they aren't "lazy." Would that be better for you?

LOGICWINS2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

"You sound super butthurt. Oh well your loss."

You sound immature. Why are you talking about butts?

Btw, YES they ARE lazy. Such differences in quality between the PS3/360 for a multiplatform game is not acceptable this late in the game...especially given that Oblivion and Fallout 3 had the same issues.

"Both versions are inferior to the PC but I guess that's being lazy as well."

Thats your statement...not mine. I know that the PCs superiority to the PS3/360 hardwise is the reason why Skyrim is better on the PC...not laziness.

@Halochampian- I'm assuming you want me to take your comments seriously. Why wouldn't you try to be mature?

Halochampian2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Did you ever come to think that their are limitations when it comes to any type of platform?

Not every system is created equally and each have their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, the PS3 does have its weaknesses, contrary to popular belief on here.

Let's all get into immaturity while speaking on a gaming site. Would you rather me use the term, "feathers ruffled"? There really isnt a synonym for "butthurt". I really wish Bethesda just said no to PS3. Since the PS3 owners are never satisfied unless they are the superior system.

Play it on the PC or 360 then if you want the better version.

Saying that "butthurt" is an immature term is immature. It's used quite a lot to describe someone who gets their feelings hurt and want to complain about it.

DonaldBeck2291d ago

if bethesda knows the ps3 version is inferior, why release it? cant sony do something about this? is bethesda biased against the ps3? what the hell is going on?

Drekken2291d ago

LOGIC I have to +bubble you with this comment. Bethesda sucks when it comes to the PS3. Why this guy attacked you is just a sign of immaturity. You are 100% right on this one.

I want this game bad, but I will wait to get it really cheap or second hand.

MariaHelFutura2291d ago

The PS3 version is great Im 40hrs in and I got NO complaints. I just had to turn off the autosaves except the traveling one.

Halochampian2290d ago


Exactly. Most people I know who have it arent complaining.

Sony fanboys are always complaining. I own all 4 gaming platforms (wii, ps3 and 360 for exclusives. And the PC for most games now) But most PS3 fanboys complain.

You can call me immature or whatever but they always yell conspiracy. They always think they get the shaft or that MS is holding back the industry. If a dev doesnt make a game for the ps3, they suck. If they do bring it to the ps3, they are mad because it isnt the best version. They just complain and complain.

Now of course there are exceptions, but the majority of people especially on N4G just bitch and moan.

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DonaldBeck2291d ago

i doubt bethesda would do this

Godmars2902291d ago

Depends if Bethesda is talented enough to make a patch.

Given their rep for bugs, I doubt it.

Halochampian2291d ago

Don't question Bethesda's talent. That is just disrespectful. The game is probably one of the best games I have ever played, and you are questioning their talent.


Pikajew2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Bethesda doesn't have talent. Making 1 popular game series isn't talent. Having talent is having a bunch of popular game series. And TES is their only popular series while they only made one good Fallout game that people liked

They can have talent if TES was their only series

Halochampian2291d ago

Bungie is talented and people could argue that it's their only franchise.

I guess Polyphony Digital arent talented because they only make the Gran Turismo series.

"they only made one good Fallout game that people liked"

They have only made Fallout 3 -__-

Godmars2902291d ago

Then there shouldn't be a question of weather or not they can do it. Only there is.

Might actually be one of business politics rather than ability, MS not wanting the 360/Kinect being shown up by a Move enabled version, but its still there.

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