A look back at The Legend of Zelda

"It’s no wonder that The Legend of Zelda remains a beloved series for so many people. It’s got the dual advantage of reaching such a wide audience, pushing all our happy nostalgia buttons, and of being a genuinely well crafted and legitimately touching experience. It’s hard not to have played any of the games in your past and not get a little misty-eyed on the eve of a new console Zelda." - JPS

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ssb31732435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Some of the greatest games ever made are zeldas. They are just so nostalgic with each one

ConsoleCreature2434d ago

I picked up the first Zelda back at Toys R' Us when I was in elementary school because the cart was gold, lol:) I got home and was blown away, couldn't stop playing.

No I could care less, Zelda peaked for me with Ocarina.