Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest (PS3 / Move) Review - Movemodo

Mike Mason writes:

"Make no bones about it, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest is a good little game that makes involving use of PlayStation Move, elevating a fairly straightforward slash ‘em up into something more fun. However, while Zindagi’s motion controls excelled in Sports Champions, they are slightly too inconsistent in this adventure setting."

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Nate-Dog2435d ago

It's so disappointing that this is all that has come about from Medieval this gen. If they were going to bring it back they should have made a proper title for it, Medieval on PSOne was of my favourite games ever. I only unfortunately played a little of the second game but I'm sure the full thing was awesome too.

LettingGo2435d ago

Trolling or unaware that this has nothing to do with Medievil?

miyamoto2435d ago

The demo was really so much fun!
Maybe they wanted this game to be a Zelda killer so these reviewers were so disappointed.

granthinds2435d ago

I have it but haven't cracked it open. I think I might give it a miss after this. Thanks man!