PlayDevil: Dark Souls Review

Is Dark Souls the year's best RPG?

Here is a snippet:

"Following the knights advice I defeated the prison’s huge demonic jailor and escape the tutorial’s/asylum’s confinement. Taking my few first tentative steps in to the sprawling lands before me it was clear that while mechanically the game felt like Demon’s Souls, much had changed. Lordran was vast and, lacking the structured hub world, communicated an implicit sense of freedom. "

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ssb31732405d ago

Absolutely amazing game, been playing it and its just too good.

Omega Archetype2405d ago

Me too! Just finished the Painted world of Ariamis and I think I'm now going to head to the Valley of Drakes. I want to pick up the Composite Bow in New Londo Ruins!

Dread2405d ago

For me it is the goty
But i have to admit that skyrim is more addictive
Its probably because dark souls is so stressfull
Regardless its good tobe a gamer and rpg fan in 2011

ssb31732403d ago

Great game, worth the score