Greenpeace report bashing Nintendo and Apple undermined by flawed research

Via Ars Technica:

"Greenpeace has decided to expand the scope of its investigations in its latest report, bringing in game manufacturers Microsoft and Nintendo. Let's just say that the new additions make Apple look good. Microsoft came in near the bottom, and Nintendo became the first company to completely flunk the evaluation.

The description of the standards indicates that Greenpeace reserves the right to arbitrarily change a company's score if they decide the company did something disagreeable. 'Penalty points are deducted,' the criteria state, 'from overall scores if Greenpeace finds a company lying, practicing double standards or other corporate misconduct.'


"The research in general appears lazy."

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ShadoWulf3885d ago

I called it. As did several other level-headed people.

wiizy3885d ago

undermining the two best things thats happen to electronics.. who cares

Gamingshouldbefun3885d ago

who cares earth is dieing... ohh wait!

KeiZka3885d ago

Who cares, when certain organizations spread misinformation and cause panic, and lay false claims. Oh wait.

(Just like the case when they brought Russian tree stumps from Russia with pictures of clearings to Germany, just to show how badly FINNS treat their forests. Cough cough. Fearmongering.)