Guerrilla working on a 'Killzone follow-up', reveals EDGE

The latest issue of EDGE has revealed that a new Killzone title is currently in development at Guerrilla Games.

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iamnsuperman2255d ago

Not sure how it would work with the ending Killzone 3 had. My main gripe with the story is that they have never got it right. Hopefully they will do a re-fresh type of thing with new characters and fully develop the story. Killzone 3 was getting their but the ending felt rushed to me.

Kyosuke_Sanada2255d ago

That was one of the the flaws that really ticked me off with Killzone 3 as well. I mean the KZ universe have many interesting characters like Hackah and Luger, so many cool enemies that were implemented in Liberation but none of them hardly made an appearance.

Guerilla is sitting on a goldmine of content for this title but the execution in KZ3 was disappointing.

But let's just hoped they use this opportunity to start something new like you stated, hell, I would even be happy if Jammer is the new protagonist (that is if the ISA still remains the focus in the sequel).

ShoryukenII2254d ago

I agree. They have so many good ideas but they don't use them. Everyone wanted to play as the Helghast but they made us play as ISA in Killzone 3. They need to hire better writers because even I can write a better story than them. That really says a lot. I sometimes see some great story predictions on their forum but what I see in their game doesn't come close. It's sad.

darthv722254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

for a vita title. As for the ending of KZ3. I think it was meant to be a cliff hanger. You know there will be a 4 but it prob will be a launch title for the PS4 if it is on track to be announced in 12 and released in 13.

I'd like them to take the original and give it the ps3 hd treatment. Or pass it off to a small team that has time to do it.

Iamback2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

No one cares. Sales show it. I can't believe Sony hasn't still fired most of the team. Other than having amazing graphics, KZ games are one of the most generic FPS shooters around, on top of that it has THE worst controls in an FPS game. I gave it a shot for first 2 times, even finished KZ2 (gave up on KZ1). I had KZ3 for few months, didn't touch it. My brother played it though, and after few months he traded it.

They promised new IP, something I was looking forward to, now they are coming back with this pile....

bacano2255d ago

Completely agree. Amazing graphics for a crappy game.
Seems like GG reached a quality peak with KZ2 (for those who don't remember, the first game sucks even more than KZ3).

ksense2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

no one cares? close to 2 million sales for the game so far on vgchartz which obviously not accurate but most of the time close...... honestly people are so obsessed with this whole day one/week sales that lifetime sales are ignored where most of these games end up very good. Do you think Sony is dumb to carry on with the series if it was not making money for them?

BTW I am not into this game. I play the game for single player story and did not buy when i heard the story wasn't good. loved resistance 3 though. No reason to hate on it just because YOU did not like it. Yes it would have been nice to see a new ip from them but oh well way more games out there nowadays you just have to MOVE on....

Iamback2255d ago

lol vgchartz. Let's say 2 million is true, it's still nothing compared to other FPS games on the market. Besides most of those sales are either bundled(forced) or sold when game is 10 bucks. First month is what matters when game is full price.
You freaks can disagree all you want but I speak the truth and you know it.
If this game wasn't exclusive no one on N4G would be so butthurt. It would be just another Crisis.

Games4M - Rob2255d ago

What you are saying is true fanboy idiocy.

2 million sales might be nothing compared to other FPS but so what ??? Its enough to turn a profit and so therefore KZ is making money, promoting the Sony brand, and has resulted in a software engine that other 1st party studios can use - its more than viable as an business.

Not everything has to be the market leader to be considered a success and only an idiot would think that a game which sells 2 million copies is a failure.

All that said i thought Killzone 3 was shite.

cereal_killa2255d ago

"No one cares. Sales show it."

Guess no one cares about Forza since no one bought it. Another Muppet making a comment about Sales must be sad to be a 360 only owner these last few years with nothing to play again till your next exclusive hits Sept-Nov 2012.

Majin-vegeta2255d ago

Judging by your past comments i doubt you even
own a ps3.

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-Superman-2255d ago

Ye, ISA nuked a planet.
Almost everybody died on that planet(99% of populatsion died).
Now i say ISA is even worse than Helghast.

For me, Helghast is good guy.
Glad to see Stahl survived, now i want to see what he will do now.

Games4M - Rob2255d ago

How do you know Stahl survived ? It didnt show who was in the escape capsule at the end and im pretty sure it was that way for a reason.

I actually thought Stahl was pretty crap as a villain, he just seemed like a whiney kid with a chip on his shoulder whereas as Radec and Visari were sinister badasses.

PirateThom2255d ago

That's the point and it's something that has been missed. Helghast aren't the bad guys, they're just defending themselves.

SonyStyled2254d ago

the helghast ARE the good guys. what other fps plays as the bad guys? but everyones right, kz is just another generic fps (sarcasm)

Trainz2255d ago

I hope this is a next gen launch title.
Killzone has already reached its limit this gen.

SonyStyled2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

go on the killzone website. read the 500 years worth of pages of history of the killzone universe, the 2 extrasolar wars, leading to todays killzone, aproximately year 2600. you cant put 500 years of conflict into a video game, so its found on the website

iamnsuperman2254d ago

That is all well and good but it doesn't actually come out in the game it self. They have the massive backstory on the website which is never tapped into.

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Ocean2255d ago

Yes please GG....maybe from the Helghast perspective this time

Dark_Overlord2255d ago

Whats wrong with still playing with the evil side ;)

cpayne932255d ago

Shooting at the isa is kind of boring. The Helghast are simply more fun to fight, I don't really want a game from a Helghast perspective.

iamnsuperman2254d ago

Only downside to the Helghast perspective is the negative press associated with it. I am not sure the media is going to like people playing as a Nazi style group attacking a western influenced side.

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MasterOfThe12Blades2255d ago

I would love a third-person spin-off.

r212255d ago

nope, i fully disagree.

SonyStyled2254d ago

KZ liberation???? hellooo

Prcko2255d ago

KILLZONE BEST FPS this year!!!

qwertyz2255d ago

better than battlefield 3, crysis 2, RAGE(although it had a stupid story but was still fun and looked amazing), resistance 3 and crysis 1 on consoles ? LOL no
kz3 isn't the best fps this year.

Slugg3r2255d ago

I have to admit that even though KZ3 might not be the best FPS this year I still liked it's atmosphere the most.

ksense2255d ago

As far as SINGLE player goes I think Resistance 3 was the best fps this year with a good story and varied and fun gameplay. Rage would have been better if it had a decent story. Multiplayer wise Battlefield 3 takes the cake. it is just awesome (playing on PC). I have to say though I am enjoying spec ops in mw3 and the multiplayer is the same old but it is fun for the short amount it lasts.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I know that Battlefield 3 MP has some patch coming, but anyway I still prefer Killzone 3 MP.

Killzone 3 story is pathetic though, I liked Battlefield 3 a lot more under this aspect ( also if it was nothing special I think it' s good ).

evilunklebud2255d ago

Nope... Killzone 2 was in its day, but 3 was a bit of a step back.

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