Medieval Moves Review (

"There are some great moments of creativity and imagination here to differ the game from lesser Move titles, but creativity and imagination stand for nothing if doesn’t create a sense of fun and sadly, Medieval Moves is rather dull and repetitive."

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Antholex2252d ago

Good review, shame the game didn't work out, it seemed like quite a promising premise.

Army_of_Darkness2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

wow, this game is getting butchered by reviewers left and right, yet that disney kinect game is getting very high ratings?! I don't get it cause I would clearly pick this game up over the other hands down.... well, I will in a few months when the price drops;)

GodisaGeek2252d ago

One plays well, the other is dull and repetitive...I mean...go figure that scores differ, hehe.