Star Wars: The old republic - Complete Datacron Location List

Datacrons are part of the codex system in Star Wars The Old Republic. They are placed throughout the worlds for the players to find, usually in hard to reach places. Although some of these items are hidden from view, spotting other datacrons may be relatively easy. Even with these more visible items, though, reaching the datacron will typically entail extra exploration and navigation problem-solving.

As a reward for this exploration ingenuity, if a player successfully reachs and interacts with certain datacrons, one of the player's character stats will be increased -- permanently. Here is the complete list of Datacrons, rrdered by codex entry #

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Drewminati2436d ago

OMG this will totally help killing jedi

BakedGoods2436d ago

It's really interested that they're doing this in an MMO. Most MMO's require quests, instances or special item drops to achieve similar bonuses. In SWTOR, you can just explore and find them, ala traditional open-world RPGs.

Very cool.