'Wii U will disrupt the market like DS' - Reggie

CVG: It's a good day to be a Nintendo gamer today, with both Zelda Skyward Sword and Mario 3D Land hitting store shelves. But what of the future of Nintendo gaming, namely next year's release of the Wii U?

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blaaah2254d ago

Means its going to sell another 100 million...

fluffydelusions2254d ago

I'm all for competition and up until the PS1 I was a big Nintendo fan. I passed on the Wii though there are some games I'd love to play on it e.g. Mario and Zelda for instance. I hope Nintendo can go back to what made them great again.

darthv722254d ago

on a console. Each gen i may start off with one i want most but towards the middle to the end I have them all. It just makes more sense (to me) to have the flexibility to play anything and everything no matter the system.

My wife hates it but the kids love it and it means more to go around.

I'll get the wii-u not because its new or nintendo. But because I want to.

hellvaguy2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

@ darth

Id rather just pick my fav console and the keep upgrading my pc then to buy every console out there. Especially with so many AAA multiplatform games out nowadays, let alone the exclusives.

Septic2254d ago

I'm sorry but Reggie is such a c*ck. Zelda does well and he stands on his pedestal, declaring that the world pales in comparison (whilst being relatively quiet for a good few months as Nintendo had nothing really to show after poor handheld sales and a diminishing view from 'core gamers').

Am I the only one irritated by his smug face and attitude? Maybe I just don't like him. He is the kind of guy that, if you sat him down and told him to play Quake 3, his head would explode.

/crazy rant over

Tanir2254d ago

i think its going to fail, for multiple reasons, lets see, 5 years too late this gen. when ps4 and 720 come out it will be obsolete. people who are smart see that nintendo is always the last to jump into a generation and first to jump out meaning that they are always behind and killing off their previous console quickly.

the system will have barley any games that are made well since devs now are having a hard time with the controller, the wii-u will have tons of games thatt we can get on our ps3/360 already.

i dont see the point of it honestly

ChickeyCantor2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

You are annoyed by a dude who does his job. His job being an PR guy?

You make little sense my friend xD

" lets see, 5 years too late this gen. "

I'm pretty sure they are the ones starting next-gen.

princejb1342254d ago

im gonna wait a few years first, something i didn't do with the wii which i regretted
and i believe I'm not the only one who feels the same, a bit skeptical about the next nintendo console

B1663r2254d ago

But that is why it will fail...

Are you gonna get an iPad or are you gonna get the WiiU?

I am no fan of Apple, but given the choice of the WiiU and an iPad... iPad every time.

GraveLord2254d ago

Uh since a Wii U is like half the price I'd probably get that instead.

Lf_sIcKmAn2254d ago

500 dollars for an ipad, or around 300 for a wii u and a kindle fire... its all about perspective... Zelda and Mario will always get me back to nintendo, cant wait for skyward sword (my copy will arrive later this year) but im having a blast playing ps3 games in the meanwhile!

ChickeyCantor2254d ago

iPad and WiiU Both serve for different purposes.

What is wrong with you people?

chanmasta2254d ago

The iPad is an absolute piece of overpriced shite, just like 90% of Apple's other products.

Also, like Sidar said, these are two different computers which serve different purposes. Just because it has a tablet-like interface (which has been around for YEARS (Yes, that's right Apple fanboys)) it does not mean their intentions are the same, nor the technologies.

Mini Mario2254d ago


How is it you only have 3 bubbles?? lol

The world has gone crazy !

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sarshelyam2254d ago

Not sure I agree. I have about ZERO interest in this hardware at this moment, and that would be a first for a Nintendo platform.

E3 just felt like the wrong time, too early, and a focus on the implementation, not the hardware. Not to mention the whole "Only Player 1 will have a Wii U "pad"" deal...seems like it would leave a lot in the "party" feeling, left out.

I'll give it some time, but as it stands there's no interest in my neck of the woods. Way to go on hyping Reggie, you have to keep the passion there...someone does.

Drekken2254d ago

Wii was the first Nin console I didn't want. WiiU is a little unknown at this point, but the controller just looks big and stupid. I will reserve any judgement beyond that, but Wii with better graphics isn't going to sell me back to Nintendo. It will be good for them to have more 3rd party support with ports of current gen graphic games on their system. I am not interested in hardware that will do the same thing my current hardware does. I need a real technical advancement to plop more money down on a gaming system.

colonel1792254d ago

The controller is interesting. I think it could allow for new gameplay, combining DS style and console game play. Other than that, I don't know if it can be as successful as the DS. We will have to wait until Microsoft and Sony reveal their next gen console to have and idea which console has the best potential (for games and/or sales (for people interested in sales).

Moerdigan2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Nintendo consoles to their benefit always felt, NEW when they come out with a next gen Machine.

unfortunately the WiiU is riding on the back on the previous machine, It just doesn't feel brand new enough to me, and I think it could be a mistake.

from the name, to even on the superficial level like appearance, it's giving a unfavorable message.

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