IGN: Jurassic Park Review

If you're like me, you want the Jurassic Park game to be great. Just about everyone describes the original film as a classic, so developer Telltale Games picking up the franchise and creating a four-episode adventure game -- the genre Telltale specializes in -- sounds like a recipe for success. In the end, however, it isn't. Jurassic Park is a meandering tale of forgettable characters getting lost in a park that is far less wondrous than the one we saw on the silver screen.

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Ninver2407d ago

ouch shame was hoping it would be at leats decent

Acquiescence2407d ago

Telltale Games are pretty dependable for the most part, and Tales Of Monkey Island is one of my favourite games for the PS3. Shame this turned out so average though.

spunnups2407d ago

looked like garbage from the beginning

stu8882407d ago

unfortunately you are right

rezzah2406d ago

With a game like this, despite the terrible graphics and bad copy of Heavy Rain's gameplay style, the story is what matters.

So the best way to get this game without having to pay for it is to buy PSN+ for a year ($50). That is if you like PSN+ and need to renew it or purchase it for the first time now would be a good time.

Ocean2407d ago

Hopefully there will be a demo, so we can see what this is like

Oldman1002407d ago

Next up to the plank:

The Walking Dead

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The story is too old to be commented.