GamerXchange: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary [Review]

TheCrapgamer of writes:
The date was November 15th, 2001. It’s a date that lives in infamy, it was the day the original Halo Combat Evolved game released for the Xbox. It seems just like yesterday for me. It’s hard to pinpoint why Halo has been such a great success, but I think it comes from the fact that Halo Combat Evolved was the start of the serious first person shooter for home consoles. In the past you could only play those types of games on a PC, Halo Combat Evolved was a first for console gamer’s. It was also one of the first times console gamer’s could play a large first person shooter with sandbox elements. Ten years have passed and how does Halo Combat Evolved stand up? Read on to find out.

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ssb31732348d ago

This is a great game and it remastered in hd makes it even better

SSultan2348d ago

Then play the game! Haha