Avan Jogia and Elizabeth Gillies on The Victorious Video Game "Whoa, you got nervous there, right? When you read “Avan Jogia,” “Elizabeth Gillies” and “couple” in the same sentence? Don’t worry, guys. That’s just how they described their relationship on the show and what they hope to see Jade and Beck do next, aka they’re not dating IRL. Phew. Oh, and while we were in the studio with the Victorious kiddos, we got them to talk about the new Victorious video game (out today!) and what it was like, ya know, playing against themselves."

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Rashonality2435d ago

what is this sh!t....?

who are these people....?

*sees the source*
in a second thought....i don't wanna know

thrashermario2435d ago

ariana grande is better, avan dont touch my ariana