Zelda Williams: Skyward Sword is the most beautiful Zelda game ever

Zelda Williams tells ONM why she thinks The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the most beautiful Zelda game yet.

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Titanz2379d ago

For the time being, it is.

ssb31732379d ago

Absolutely amazing game, been playing it and its just too good.

TheBlackMask2379d ago

Zelda Williams says a lot of Nintendo related things these days....we get love Zelda.

DA_SHREDDER2379d ago

Flying that huge bird using Motion Plus makes my skin crawl. I didn't enjoy riding the Manta Ray in Mario Galaxies using it, and I'm not gonna pretend to enjoy, or even promote using the controller in the same manner for this Zelda game, regardless how good it is. I hate the Wii Mote. The infrared sensor is regular NES tech, and I can't believe Nintendo fans are okay with using this type of control scheme? It's not true 1:1. I can't even stomach thinking about the Miyamoto showcasing of the game at last E3. Poor guy, acting like he was having fun, and poor all of you, tricking yourselves into believing that Motion Plus actually works. Go on, keep lying to yourselves. Im not jumping the bridge like you all are gonna do.

Redempteur2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

poor fool, we have montion plus , now's true 1:1 since we have now all the missing axis.

you're blinded by hate and misinformation.

Ps: everyone who played afterward said that it works
Everyone who have tried the various demos say that it works
People WITH the game say that it works .

So can stay alone in your corner while we are having fun.

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