Bohemia: "For every three legitimate buyers" of Arma 2 there's '100 pirates'

Arma 2's Bohemia Interactive has revealed a depressing figure of PC piracy, that there are "100 (failed) attempts" to play a pirated copy of Arma 2 online to every legitimate 3.

This shows an "extremely widespread" piracy problem on PC, especially for a "mid-sized" PC focused studio like Bohemia. The stats are "undoubtedly much worse" for singe player.

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hiredhelp2435d ago

WOW any proof of them numbers? Thats alot of pirates if so considering the fanbase of Arma.
Keeping in mind alot of players may not be apealed by arma's such simulated shooter So again i find them numbers hard to digest.

Yi-Long2434d ago

... so once again a developer releases a mediocre game among great releases, and blames piracy for disappointing sales, instead of their own failure to deliver.

coolbeans2434d ago

So now a 77 is defined as mediocre?

kevnb2434d ago

the game is actually really great for what it is. Its certainly not for everyone though.

SJPFTW2434d ago

goes both ways people dont pirate medicore games. so if it got higher reviews would have been pirated more

Yi-Long2434d ago

... when it's up against games that score 90+ then yes, it's considered mediocre.

MAJ0R2434d ago

Arma 2 is a great game with the Ace 2 mod, very realistic and the best mil sim out there

this seems like a devastating move from Bohemia and looks like they are hinting at consoles

coolbeans2434d ago

That means games that score 9+ are among the highest in their genre. I fail to see how only 13 average points less causes its quality to be defined as mediocre.

bozebo2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I tried the demo ( ) and didn't like it.

It performed exceptionally badly for the complexity of the scene :( I can't play PC shooters without consistently high frame rates and would need a new machine to play it if I even liked it. Another similar game, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - suffered from pretty much all the same flaws. I bought it on release because it was only £18 from Amazon and regretted it hugely (it was worth £0 imho).

Anyway, regardless for my dislike of Arma 2. I gained a lot of respect for Bohemia Interactive reading the article, they sould like really sound developers. Especially their love for open platforms. I share the same opinion.

Might buy Arma 2 (only £9 lol) even though I can barely run it and didn't like it. I can understand the game looking bad with their slim development expenditures but how come it performs so badly with that level of graphical fidelity? The gunplay was also horrible (though that could have been because I was running it at about 15 fps).

I now place Bohemia in the same camp as Tripwire and CDPR. The awesome bunch. (I have bought Killing Floor like 6 times, every time it's on sale I gift it to a friend who hasn't played it lol). And TW2 is one of the few games I preordered this year (well, I preordered it last year but it came out this year).

papashango2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

If you fail to see then look harder we now live under the rule that anything under a 9 is mediocre. that 8.5 uc3 score is proof enough.

I own arma2 and arrowhead btw. This game is extremely niche and can guarantee that alot of the people that tried it never went back. It really isn't for everyone so they're fooling themselves if they think it should be selling millions.

DirtyLary2434d ago

POS pirates will use any excuse to justify themselves.

opinska2433d ago

you are a spammer... 77 is good not mediocre... go back to school

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coolbeans2434d ago

When it comes to the community, we're in a sad state of gaming if a 77 can actually be seen as mediocre. Are 8's now considered "just above average" in your opinion as well?

fluffydelusions2434d ago

^^ 77 is mediocre in terms of school as well just to put it into perspective.

coolbeans2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

^^ Why make the comparison with school? A 77 in movies (basically 3 out of 4 stars) is considered good/great film when you put it in that perspective. "The Descendants" is averaging a mid/low 80's on metacritic, yet the context of the critical reviews has you confident in believing it'll be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars (maybe win it).

papashango2434d ago

The reason why 77 is good in movies is because critics aren't afraid to give 1 out of 5 stars or two thumbs down. It happens alot. In the gaming world 8.5/10 and 9/10 is almost a guarantee and is handed out like halloween candy. Gamers are seeing it as the default score so anything less is rage worthy w which we are seeing across all platforms

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pedo_across-the-road2435d ago

Kinda feel sorry for him and his team.

kevnb2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

the main focus is the multiplayer... I think hes caught up in numbers, every download isnt actually another person pirating it. Some people will download it and never install, play it once and uninstall it, download it more than once, try it then decide to buy it etc... But fear not, the great "firewall of usa" is coming, thanks alot pirates...

kevnb2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

wait a second, thats taken out of context again for hits... it says there are 100 attempts to play online for every 3 legit. Pirates could be trying over and over again to get on, eventually giving up and either buying or forgetting it. Interesting drm, I remember arkham city where batman couldnt glide in the pirated version lol.

The Meerkat2434d ago

I call BS

I heard it was only 1/33.

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