Reggie: No Video Game In History Will Be Able to Compare to Skyward Sword

Reggie offers a very revealing and informative review with Games Blog, discussing DLC, what he's playing on other systems, and lots of praise for Super Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword.

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The Meerkat2216d ago

If I had a Nintendo, I'd buy Skyward Sword.

blaaah2216d ago

Buy it then.

On Topic: I don't think so either. The game may very well be the best game ever created based on what most people are saying..... IMO it looks revolutionary and a gameplay masterpiece. The only thing that might hold it back are the hardware limitations of the Wii...

scotchmouth2216d ago

Agreed. It's an obvious step in the right direction for the franchise but best game ever is a bit much. Obviously this guy never played Bad Dudes.



MajorJackHoff2216d ago

Lol what a ridiculous statement, Reggie.

Army_of_Darkness2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I literally spit out my food right on my Tv screen when reading that!! dammit! Now i gotta find my LCD cleaning solution....

perfectCarbonara2216d ago

I'm sorry but 'best game ever created' doesn't get 9.1 from GT and 7.5 from Gamespot.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32215d ago

"What are you playing on the competitive systems?

So, I’ve played Battlefield [3] on the home consoles, I’ve played it on PC. I’ve played some Gears of War to see how that played, I played a little Resistance [3]. You know, I think it’s important for me to have knowledge, insight on everything that’s coming out. I got to see Skyrim at E3, and I’m looking forward to seeing that. But I try to get my hands on everything."

This is one of the reasons I like this guy...

guitarded772215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Reggie reminds me of a sleazy used car salesman.

(from article)
Q: "Now, what other parts of the holiday lineup–maybe not necessarily Nintendo releases–are you excited about?"

A: "Let’s talk a little bit about 3DS."

It's the way he talks... he's such a fake douche. If he wanted to segue into promoting, 3DS, there's better ways of doing it besides the alpha dominate I control the conversation marketing ploy... "Let’s talk a little bit about 3DS."

Jinkazama14212215d ago

imagine if it had amazing graphics, it truly will be a complete history it wont look that good as games like Uncharted will outshine because of the better visuals.....people will be all like "why does skyward sword look so much worse than Uncharted"

JBaby3432215d ago

I never liked Zelda and only briefly skimmed the article but saying no game will compare to it is pretty ridiculous.

"I don’t know if there’s going to be a video game in history that’s going to be able to compare to Skyward Sword."

" I can’t commit that there’s going to be another game that will score and be of the caliber of Skyward Sword. I don’t think there’s been one to date."

Seriously what is he talking about? He doesn't even say in what areas nothing will compare.

Graphics??? LOL.

Story? Possibly but come on there are games out there with deep, emotional stories that can end differently depending how you play.

Gameplay? It's not out yet but can't imagine it is on some other level no games have touched.

Audio? Again it's not out yet but the soundtracks and effects of other games are top notch and I don't know what this could possibly bring.

Am I missing something???

NEW-AGE2215d ago

I Think 3D DOT GAME HEROS 2 will be almost exzactly like it

chanmasta2215d ago Show
CommonSense2215d ago

i really wish nintendo would replace this idiot.

He's not at all interesting to listen to, he clearly isn't much of a gamer, and he NEVER directly answers a question.

NEW-AGE2215d ago

3D Dot Game Heros Was A Fantastic Zelda Clone,i enjoyed it

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Septic2216d ago

Get the Dolphin Emulator on PC (if you have a decent rig).

That's what I'm going to do.

rexbolt2215d ago

thats why you are a fake gamer

Spitfire_Riggz2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )


@above Im a real gamer but im just broke lol, and Nintendo has made enough on the Wii.

Septic2215d ago

@ Rexbolt

Haha yeah okay, I'm a fake gamer even though I bought the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and bought ALL my games legit, buy on average 3 games a month. I gave away my Wii to my cousins but I don't want to buy another Wii just for this game.

I can get it for the PC for better visuals and just getting the controllers (MORE money for Nintendo and their over-priced peripherals) but no....I'm a fake gamer because some child on the internet says so. Lool okaaaay...

vortis2215d ago

Doing the same. Good suggestion.

Myze2215d ago

Lot of games have screwed up audio with the Dolphin, and audio is a major part of this game (and most others). I bought Xenoblade Chronicles and also tried it on the PC. While I got fine fps, the audio was completely screwed up in comparison. While I haven't played with the Dolphin a lot, I haven't found in the few games I've tried that the audio is up to snuff. Not that this is a new thing, as audio is almost always the last thing emulators get perfect (took years for the SNES emulators).

kaveti66162215d ago

"thats why you are a fake gamer"

No. So in order to be a "real" gamer you have to bend over and buy all the new bullshit hardware to play specific games?

Being smart is illegal these days.

Noctis Aftermath2215d ago


Xenoblade runs perfect on dolphin now with the LLE Hack, so long as you have a really good CPU.

RedDead2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Had it for years, I had a Wii as well but gave to my sis(you know how dem casuals are)

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kneon2215d ago

I have a Wii but even my kids don't care about Zelda or the Wii anymore.

ATi_Elite2215d ago

Gonna Boot up Skyward Sword on my PC and see just how good it is.

rowdyBOY2215d ago

when did willie mason join nintendo ???

Micro_Sony2215d ago

@Meekat - I was thinking the same thing but hold off till next year when the WiiU hits becuase they will have a WiiU version of Skyward Sword which will be much better,

multipayer2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

The game was still meant to be played with a wii remote plus, I can't imagine a touch pad improving it without entirely changing the game. It is the best thing to come out of the wand motion era, and the amount of time Nintendo spent making it really does not compare to other games.(Especially motion ones) Everyone should try it on Wii now while its fresh, rather than an emulator that probably doesnt render several things properly or just waiting... Wii is cheap, and this is worth it.

geddesmond2215d ago

Oh please reggie the game was enough for me to take my Wii out of storage and it is a good game but greatest game ever lol. I've already went back to Skyrim after 3 hours of gameplay. Skyrim owns this game

Tommykrem2215d ago

Yeah, but there's the fine line between confidently boasting your own game and making ridicolous statement that makes your company look unserious. Reggie needs to calm down. He could have even said it's the best game ever, but he had to make it all into some rambling mad prophecy. What are you gonna say when they make the next Zelda game anyway?

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Chaostar2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I might have agreed had I not been a filthy lefty. Holding the controller in one hand and having Link hold the sword in another is an immersion killer :(

stolen from a random LoZ forum:

"Miyamoto is left-handed.

'link' (spelled differently, but same sound) means 'left' in German.

A left-handed swordfighter is generally more effective then a right-handed one, since most people are not used to fighting left-handed people."

Menashe2216d ago

It's usually pronounced "links."

KUV19772216d ago

Not 'usually', more like 'always' and it is also written this way. 'link' without s means something different. As in 'ein linkes Ding' is something that is crooked, something fishy.

ChickeyCantor2216d ago


Links is also the dutch word for left.
not Link. LOL.

And "link" also translate to what KUV1977 said.

He is named "Link" because they wanted you to be the player. At least that's what one of the producers said in an interview.

Sugreev20012216d ago

What else would you expect him to say,even if it's a woeful immature statement.

Dunpeal2215d ago

confidence is one thing. delusions of grandeur are another thing entirely ;)

Dark_Overlord2216d ago

Can I have some of whatever he's smoking?

andibandit2216d ago

Im amazed the journalist managed to stay awake during the interview.

CynicalVision2216d ago

I always get a laugh out of that picture.

Avernus2216d ago

Now that you mention it...I scrolled up, and I did laughed a

MajorJackHoff2215d ago

How about his other famous pic?

You know, the one with him shrugging at the camera like "I have no idea, but I'm rich so why the f*** should I care?"

KwietStorm2215d ago

That picture always creeps me out. He looks sinister