Reggie's favourite game revealed

Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime reveals his favourite game of all time.

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Pikajew2436d ago

His favorite game is a great game

blaaah2436d ago

He might change his mind after playing Skyward Sword :P

Pikajew2436d ago

He probably had it for a while, he is president of Nintendo NA

chanmasta2436d ago

If you read the article, you would have seen that he said he's been playing Skyward Sword since June.

"One of the benefits of my job is that I get to play games in development. I have a special Wii in my office, and I've been playing Skyward Sword since E3 [in June]. I'm very much looking forward to that game."

Septic2436d ago

His favourite game is DOOM 3?! WOW! I never expected him to say that!

-I kid folks- its Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Titanz2436d ago

Yeah, I like LTTP also xD

Dark_Overlord2436d ago

IMO that was the best of all the Zelda games, I hated OOT for some reason :/

Marceles2436d ago

Same with me, I didn't HATE OOT, but I wasn't as hype as other people when I finally played it. I went into playing LTTP with no expectations and got blown away. I'm not even sure if OOT is in my top 3 Zeldas.

Tanir2436d ago

people that zelda and the rest after because they were about exploring and being so easy a 3 year old could beat it. ok ok a 4 year old. and my little brother is proof

gypsygib2436d ago

Lol at Reggie being like "asking me to name my favorite game is like asking me to name my favorite child..."

Then he goes on and names Zelda.

To Reggie's kids, dad loves somebody more than the others;)

ssb31732436d ago

A LTTP was a great game and i understand why it is his favourite. it set the bar for future zelda games and lmost revitalised the rpg genre

theonlylolking2436d ago

Now we know why he says some of the dumbest things.

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