Metal Gear Solid 5: Substance and Perception

TheSixthAxis takes a look at the tease and subsequent assumptions made around Official PlayStation Magazine's Metal Gear Solid 5 cover tease.

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49erguy2408d ago

I'm crossing my fingers for a Big Boss continuation or prequel with the original Boss as the main character. I like Solid Snake's story, but damn I want Big Boss on current gen hardware!

Slugg3r2408d ago

MGS5 with The Boss as main character would have so much potential. It could be about The Boss and Cobra unit in WWII or about The Boss' mission to kill The Sorrow, thought that would be awfully similar to MGS3. But if it was set in WWII it could really add some depth to Cobra units members and it could reveal more about the relationship between The Boss and The Sorrow. We might even get a camoe of a young Big Boss.

noprin2408d ago

maybe old big boss story ;)

Iroquois_Pliskin2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Dammit Kojima, just say what project you´re working on!! Please, its driving me mad

Btw, we need a young Snake on today´s console

Ocean2408d ago

Substance and Perception.....Sounds like a great name for the VR Missions etc addons

Bigboss192408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I'm hoping for it to be a ps4/vita exclusive and have singleplay story and a coop maybe ratpartol? But I think they shoulda waited it might hurt risings sells....

Jappy-k72408d ago

no need to beg, i always say this: Sony does NOT own neither Kojima Productions nor MGS series. MGS5 coming to every HD console 360, WiiU, ps3 and possibly PC MARK MY WORDS!

Shadow Flare2408d ago

Kojima wanted MGS4 to stay PS3 exclusive so badly, he even incorporated a playstation dualshock controller and apple products in the game to keep it away from a Microsoft system.

Just saying.

TheDareDevil2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

But Kojima also said that all of his future games will use the Fox engine and will be multi-platform.

Just saying.

OT- I doubt there will be any real info about MGS5. I mean he still has Rising to ship!

Eamon2408d ago

The reason why Kojima wanted it to stay exclusive to PS3 was due to a pure development decision, nothing to do with personal console preference or fanboyism. The MGS4 engine was created specifically to handle the PS3's hardware architecture. The engine was simply impossible to be implemented on any other console.

If the MGS4 engine was a multiplatform engine, it would be very likely that MGS4 would have been on 360 by now.

So Shadow Flare, that was lolworthy to say that "he even incorporated a playstation dualshock controller and apple products in the game to keep it away from a Microsoft system."
You still haven't understood Kojima's unique sense of humour or is MGS4 your first MGS game?

Shadow Flare2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

So eamon, I was saying Kojima was actively trying to keep mgs4 ps3 exclusive, you were saying Kojima was actively trying to keep mgs4 ps3 exclusive.

...what was the point of your comment and insult?

I never said that Kojima is a playstation fanboy. But I think his history shows he has a clear preference for the system. It would only make for a worse game if MGS5 goes multiplatform. Uncharted 3 would not be the game it is today if it were multiplatform. A mass of things would have to be cut completely, there's a reason you don't see games like uncharted on xbox. So if Kojima wants to do that to MGS5, his choice. And there was a reason he went exclusively with ps3 for mgs4

Hyperbomb692407d ago

Games dedicated to a single console are pretty much PROVEN to be superior than multiplats, plus why would xbox players want to play MGS5 when they kept making fun of it saying its a movie? MGS Rising isnt even Hideo Kojimas game thats all Konami trying to make money, Kojima wont put his name on a mediocre game. This game will be a PS3 or PS4 exclusive for sure, at least it better be. Xbox doesnt deserve Metal Gear.

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KING852408d ago

Snake or big boss? I'll take either. It would be nice to play as big boss again. On a side note; it's sales not sells.

demon312408d ago

I hope is the boss for the new metal gear

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