New MotorStorm Vehicles Out Today

Hey MotorStorm fans! Are you ready for more high-octane content? Drive on over to the PSN Store later today and check out the latest vehicles and skins from Sony's hard-working friends at Evolution Studios. The new pack available includes two new vehicles - The Mohawk Roadhog Bike and The Lunar-Tec Buffalo BigRig, both with three different paint jobs. Two new skins, QuickFoot and Crazy Samurai, are included in the pack and will allow you to place a new skin on any or all of the seven different vehicle classes in MotorStorm.

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gamesblow3737d ago

When is enough enough already? New skins?? Please... why not ad a speed domiter, some in dash view and some bikes that actually contorl worth piss n' a cat dish? Just a thought.

Anything but Cute3737d ago

Personally, I don't care about racing games. But Motorstorm is the exception. I just love the graphics and scenery style of that game.

JIN KAZAMA3737d ago

have some of the best controls, what are you tlaking about??
Tenderizer, and Sidewinders Gulch are the best maps for bikes, they are hard as hell to beat on those maps. You just gotta get better with them, practice up.

god_o_war3737d ago

but doesn devils weekend come with lunatec buffalo????

couldve sworn i had it

monkey6023737d ago

The support they show this game is great but if you have paid for this game and all the content so far you really have paid far more for a game than you should have.

freakyzeeky3737d ago

They should have added all this stuff in the game from the get-go...

monkey6023737d ago

There is always someone who will say that. I dont mean that as being offensive, It's a valid point I've said it myself but there are two ways to think if it. Either its a good thing or bad thing both are good arguements. I am guilty of downloading extra content for MotorStorm though so I don't really have much of an arguement to make.

R2-JD3737d ago

I am guilty also of getting the packs for Motorstorm, but that's because I still enjoy this game as a diversion from time to time. These new packs/vehicles and my Dualshock 3 has made me want to play Motorstorm a lot more.


UltramanJ3737d ago

The game was released with a miniscule amount of tracks and vehicles, and they make up for it by charging for every little addition! How much will it cost for the full Motorstorm experience by the time they're done? $75? $100?