Top 10 Most Critically Acclaimed Wii Games of 2011

GameZone counts down the Top 10 Most Critically Acclaimed Games of 2011 from the Wii.

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StraightPath2344d ago

Zelda Skyward Sword

Xenoblade Chronicles

Come into mind.

CLOUD19832344d ago

For me Xenoblade is by far the best game Wii have, Zelda is for fans and I was never one, maybe because my favorite genre is JRPG and Zelda is more like a platform for me than an RPG I mean what's the RPG elements zelda have? no exp no lvl's u play with 1 char only and it have a lot of jumb here jumb there etc..

kramun2344d ago

I've still yet to play Xenoblade, with all the quality games that have been released this year you tend to miss some.

I'll have to pick it up at one point.

ssb31732344d ago

Agreed, xenoblade is one hell of a game that has brought the RPGs back to nintendo consoles and zelda... must i say more. Both fantastic games that will last forever!

Capt-FuzzyPants2344d ago

I wish Xenoblade came out here in America. That and the Last Story.

DesVader2342d ago

Zelda Skyward Sword FTW!