5 Dirty Dubstep Remixes of Classic Video Game Themes

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'I’ve always considered myself to be a rather cool cat, cooler than the water in the swimming pool so to speak. So, it was with great pleasure that I embarked on a quest to connect with today’s youth. I’ve never shied away from what’s hip and happening, and right now the majority of those crazy kids are listening to a relatively new musical genre known as ‘Dubstep’, which apparently involves a lot of ‘dropping the bass’. Naturally, here at Awesome Games we’re all about video games first and foremost, so I decided to search for a combination of the two, and boy did I find some downright dirty beats! Turn your headphones up and enjoy. Your brain is about to become wobbly jelly.'

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dcortz20272375d ago

My heart doesn't beat, it wobbles! I love dubstep!

NiKK_4192375d ago

I wish these were better.

ozstar2375d ago

Dubstep is horrible

Psy forever

D0ffy2374d ago

Dubstep is awesome, but the only good one is Ephixa (also take a look at his Dragon Roost island remix). The other ones suck in my opinion.