Saints Row 3 isn't offensive. Or is it?

OXM's Log writes: "I'm not asking you to be offended by Saints Row: The Third. I wasn't. I just think that the casual bitch-ho language of the game brings up issues that are worth chatting about, and I'm interested in why I'm not offended, when I can see how other people might be."

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NBT912317d ago

The draw distance / "pop in" is the most offensive thing about the game.

In all seriousness though, its not a game to be taken seriously at all. Its just a whole load of fun, its very silly but in a way that makes it fun to play.
I mean if I want epicness, I have Uncharted 3 but for sheer fun factor this is probably one of the best of the year IMO.

awi59512317d ago

When call each other bitch more than me ever do. Cry cry me a river.

Hicken2317d ago

People are always going to be offended by something, most often when they shouldn't be. Granted, there are some perfectly understandable reasons and situations at which people SHOULD be offended, but video games are generally not one of those areas where it applies.

The language in question is a direct reflection of the atmosphere of the game: it's about gangs, after all. I can't think of too many gangs- here in America, anyway- that DON'T use that sort of language as their meat and potatoes. Hell, I can't think of ANY.

So while a so-called feminist may be upset at hearing the words used because they're in a video game, she would probably take it in context in the real world. "Well, that's how thugs/criminals talk." And it's true, be it in video games, or in real life.

KILLERAPP2317d ago

Finish it yesterday it was a awesome game a lot better than I though it would be. Is hell of funny... Also it has some epic moment, it maybe over the top but you can't be like GTA you have to be your own game and they have distance themselves from GTA by going over the top and it was a good idea the game is awesome... Still this game makes me want another GTA and is awesome is coming next year...