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Call of Duty: MW3 record is $775 Million – Stop the hate and praise Activision?

Product-Reviews writes: Despite what some gamers may think about that last part of Kotick’s statement, you can’t argue the fact that the majority of gamers are loving Modern Warfare 3. The game may be taking a pounding on Metacritic, but everyone is still going out and buying it, and judging by overall feedback – they seem to be loving every single minute of is as well. (Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Ezio2048  +   884d ago
currently on level 62.
shikamaroooo  +   884d ago
Baadshash !!!! and nice
Ezio2048  +   884d ago
Army_of_Darkness  +   884d ago
Hmmm.. i wonder if they're hiring:D $$$
Just imagine how much their staff are making annually!!! Good God man! talk about having a steady high paying job in this day and age!!
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raWfodog  +   884d ago
@ army_of_darkness

Staff is making peanuts compared to upper management. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they have a good salary. But I doubt that they are seeing any extra income off of the success of this game. Maybe a nice christmas bonus...
FragGen  +   884d ago
LOL. I hope that's sarcasm. If you think the technical staff is making major bank just because the company is doing well, you have no idea what it's like to have a real job. Technical staff members will be paid what the going rate is for the industry. I.e. just enough to keep them chained to their desks.

The extra will be paid out as bonuses to the people who control the finances of the company not the people who actually do the work to make it successful. True story.
Snakefist30  +   884d ago
Isnt that Sharukh Khan's pic?
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flyinrhyno  +   884d ago
prestige level 1 level 50 like 30 hrs in,, and i cant stop playing :)
DonaldBeck  +   884d ago
Stop the hate and praise Activision?

am i supposed to feel entitled to praise them or something because they made all of this money? no. i bought another shooter for various other reasons, but from a business point of view they really do know how to make an astronomical amount of money.
Tanir  +   884d ago
yeah seriously, just cuz it made money it just means that people fell for the hype and fad.

mw3 is missing key developers from infinity ward and it shows in this game, the maps are complete garbage. not one unique level that felt itself. nothing like overgrown, high rise, terminal, etc. these levels all look the same, play the same and are just big cluttered messy corridors.

people pay for this and its sad, they fall for it and its sad, and they will always buy it and its sad
Kran  +   884d ago
Simon Cowell has a lot of money. Do I praise him? Nope.

The queen has a lot of money. Do I praise her? Hell no.

So yeah. You are correct.
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dgonza40  +   883d ago
i'd stop hating if they didnt have ridiculous prices for their dlc, if they the improved graphics or made other major modifications, and not have to pay a $50 subscription to get the most out of my $60 game.

It's ridiculous.
If i ever buy MW3, it will be used. I would already feel nickel-and-dimed purchasing it with the knowledge of them trying their very best to maximize their profit out of an outdated game with little innovation and overpriced DLC.
I dont support this type of "progres" in the gaming industry. It disappointing to see its success when i believe other games try harder to improve their franchise and do a much better job of improving their games overall.

What's activision? Guitar Hero, COD, and Prototype. All of which have very little if any innovation.
They don't have to reinvent the wheel, but jesus. They know alll their crap is overpriced and some maps should be free to begin with.
tr00p3r  +   884d ago
How does MW3 differ from a FIFA title for example that generally offers the same content each year with minor tweaks, yet fans don't mind splashing out for each year? Like Donald, I too chose 'the other shooter' this year, but all the hate for MW3 does seem to be a bit OTT.
The Meerkat  +   884d ago
That's a fair point.

What I don't like about COD is that it seems to suck all the air out of the games industry. Games that should sell well get ignored because everyone is playing COD.

Oh and they removed the FAL from MW3 which has ruined the game for me. The M14 doesn't feel as good.
STK026  +   884d ago
In my opinion, the whole "CoD is killing original games" argument is off. People buy Call of Duty games because they want a fast paced arena styled modern shooter. There's a demand for such products and as far as I'm concerned, CoD is the best one out there.

The reason games like Psychonauts, Valkyria Chronicles and Shadows of the Damned don't sell as well is simply because they're aimed at a much smaller audience.

Remember, before Call of Duty Modern Warfare, original games were still getting buried and quickly forgotten by the average gamer. If you make a game only few people want, it's not going to sell as well.

There's a reason we get yearly sports games, millions of people love them, and are willing to buy them, so they sell well every year.

If CoD were to go away, another game would take its place. People craving for a fast paced shooter would simply find another game to fill that need, they wouldn't go and suddenly buy the next professor Layton game or some relatively obscure but fun JRPG from Nis.
SWORDF1SH  +   883d ago
Well said.
Focus  +   884d ago
There's a huge difference, one is made by EA and they generally favour ps3 and so it is blasphemy to openly hate them, the other is made by Activision and so it is very cool to hate it and them. Plus they have exclusivity with Microsoft so . . .
insomnium2  +   884d ago
I think we have a winner here.......................... .............................. . ........in stup****y that is.

Fyi hating on PS3 fans is also cool so you kinda shot yourself on the foot there.

I haven't played any of those yearly sportsgames in 10 years atleast so EA is not getting any love from me through those. However if a game is good (Dead Space franchise and Mirror's edge for example) the devs will get my love no matter who they are.
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Fez  +   884d ago
Hating on anything Sony on this site is enough to get death threats in your inbox... lol it's definitely not cool here. Unlike dissing CoD.

Is it any wonder the CoD hate around here when people associate it with Xbox?
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Spitfire_Riggz  +   884d ago
I hate sports games because of that. So I personally do HATE on Fifa. Thats why I buy sports games every 2 years or so. MLB the show being the most recent.
Pikajew  +   884d ago
I like A lot of Activision games. I find them a lot of fun
iNFAMOUZ1  +   884d ago
call of duty's for kids, all my younger friends on xbox live play it daily, so annoying
JeffGUNZ  +   884d ago
Really? I'm 26, didn't know I was still a kid.

You ever think that the games sells about 2-3 times more then other popular games, so the likelihood of encountering more age groups increases? For every "kid" i encounter, I run into just as much adults.

COD is a fun game. Simple as that. It's not the best visual, most innovative, etc. The main point is it's just plain old fun.
raWfodog  +   884d ago
And I'm 40 so I guess I'm still a kid at heart :)

Don't have the game yet but maybe I'll get it at xmas...might get BF3 too.
Hueynewton2012  +   884d ago
Get BF3 if you battles, get MW3 if prefer fast paced generic arena shooters get MW3 or just get both. Two completely different styles of games.
raWfodog  +   884d ago
@ huey

I've always been telling people that they are two different styles of gameplay but fanboys are always gonna hate for no reason. I play what I feel like playing, no matter what system it's on or who the publisher/developer is.

I specifically like COD for it's quick, jump-in and play, over-the-top, super-soldier type feel. I'll play BF3 for the vehicle combat, steady-paced, team-based tactical gameplay. I love having options...
rodotron93  +   884d ago
How can you not love it action copetitive no game comnes close all the nerds playing rpg trying to prentebd life is nerdy wake up fps rule its hand eye cordation just like all the best games ever made wake up nerds!
rodotron93  +   884d ago
good job ezio
Laxman   884d ago | Spam
_LarZen_  +   884d ago
Wow...that is alot of money! MW3 AND BF3 are just awsome!
Getowned  +   884d ago
BF3 is made by EA(dice)not acti >_>
Ocean  +   884d ago
Good luck to them....i have no interest in MW3 so i'm not buying the game
_LarZen_  +   884d ago
So just trolling then?
aPerson  +   884d ago
How is he trolling by wishing Activision luck?? Oh wait, I know! It's because he's not buying the new Call of Duty, isn't it? How dare he! /s

*rolls eyes*
JeffGUNZ  +   884d ago
You don't need to put things such as "/s" or "*Rolls Eyes". I think we can figure that out.
Static-X  +   884d ago
Activision made gaming mainstream, Anyone remember the days when gaming was 'nerdy' and 'uncool'?
cyclonus007  +   884d ago
Activision made CALL OF DUTY mainstream. You'll notice they do not put nearly as much effort, hype, or marketing toward any other game they make.

As for gaming no longer being "nerdy" and "uncool"? It still is, only now it's acceptable for "cool" people to call themselves gamers when all they play are first person shooters.
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Static-X  +   884d ago
'You'll notice they do not put nearly as much effort, hype, or marketing toward any other game they make.'

World of Warcraft?
cyclonus007  +   884d ago
@Static X
Activision lets Blizzard to do what they want. They handle the marketing and the money but Blizzard runs WoW.

If Activision had their way, WoW would be on consoles with more frequent expansions.
Ocean  +   884d ago
I did say "Good luck to them" hardly call that trolling

It's broken records...the huge sum of money it was going to make was never in question as it always seems to sell in its droves.
solidworm  +   884d ago
and not one cent of it is mine.
JeffGUNZ  +   884d ago
I'm sure they will be filing for bankruptcy now...
raWfodog  +   884d ago
bub up+
icarusorigin  +   884d ago
We should praise Justin bieber because he sold more cds then pink floyd ever did. /s
aPerson  +   884d ago
I, for one, welcome our new Bieber overlord
JeffGUNZ  +   884d ago

That is the worst argument ever. First off, everyone likes music. So it's such a larger spectrum. A majority of the worlds population doesn't game on a console.

Also, I doubt that statement, Pink Floyd has been around so much longer and has had much more albums then beiber. Are you jut speculating?
raWfodog  +   884d ago
People love to warp comparisons to fit their arguments.
SuperDopetastic  +   884d ago
dude,your over thinking it,chill
JeffGUNZ  +   884d ago
@ Super

I hear ya, but that's always people's defense towards COD and it's frustrating. If some people use a little common sense around here, the comment section would be a fun and educated debate.
BlueEye  +   884d ago
Makes record sales for 3 years in a row.
Does minimal improvements to game and overcharges DLC.
iHEARTboobs  +   884d ago
And yet, no one is forced to buy it.
Hicken  +   884d ago
Not with a gun their their heads, no. But, believe it or not, there IS social pressure to get the game every time it comes out.
iHEARTboobs  +   884d ago
Social pressure? There's social pressure for tons of things around us every day. What's your point?
Gamer-Z  +   884d ago
Man you don't even know how much i get spammed by my friends on facebook asking if i'm going to get COD? When i'm going to get COD? or why don't you play COD? So yeah their is definitely social pressure to get the game.
rattletop  +   884d ago
if some1 deserves praise it's infinity ward for making cod4 a great game with a addicting mp. the rest of the success is due to activision rolling out a new map pack every year with this proven formula.
Sarcasmology  +   884d ago
Sales = Quality?

In some cases, yet it's ironic to even suggest CoD is one of those cases.

Go ahead and like it, no one's stopping you. Just understand the majority of your money is going to a loud-mouth arrogant prick like Bobby Kotick, who acts like he created something, when he's nothing but a moral-less banker.
cyclonus007  +   884d ago
Kotick killed CoD in 2010 when he fired the creative minds of Infinity Ward and wound up gutting the studio.

It just hasn't stopped twitching yet.
GraveLord  +   884d ago
Those guys WANTED to get fired. They were in talks with EA for months planning to build their own studio where they had rights to all their IPs. The proof is in how fast the studio was created. Oh and those court documents which show the back and forth text messages between the EA boss and Jason or Vince(forgot which)
cyclonus007  +   884d ago
The guys at Infinity Ward were looking for a way out after how poorly they were treated by Activision. Not that I blame them; IW has made a multimillion dollar franchise for Activision and were spat on. Activision wanted to keep the CoD brand yearly, force IW to make CoD forever, all the while having other studios use the IW engine to make inferior games. When Activision realized the studio heads were trying to leave, they panicked and fired them.

It's like your boss firing you before you quit. Real classy.
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tsn  +   884d ago
Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Kesha sells so does that mean I have to like it?

Oh yeh to the idiot who is comparing a Fifa to MW3 for yearly releases.

Fifa is a sports game most every year they are released mostly on a different engine they completely change the physics of the game year to year.

At the end of the day CoD is a formula not a game.

CoD a FPS the biggest changes are new perks and new maps, unlike Fifa CoD/Activision have map packs that they ahve already completed before the game is even released to make some more money, CoD's biggest change in games is the era that the game is set in.
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ZippyZapper  +   884d ago
With all that money Activision should throw the fans a free map pack or two.
taiyed80  +   884d ago
there are a lot of teenagers out there
Tonester925  +   884d ago
Lol I don't care how much they sold. Thats not going to make me buy that game. Praise them? Oh like "Almighty Activision I will buy all your games even if they suck donkey nuts"
LordLaguz  +   884d ago
Fun fact: since MW3's launch, activision stocks went downhill.

Just before the laucnh they were at 14.00 or something like that, now they are at 11.90
josephayal  +   884d ago
congrat Bobby Kotick
The Most POPULAR and the best FPS ever made $775,000,000 ways to prove it
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Hicken  +   884d ago
Best? Sometimes, people's bubbles are unfairly taken away. I see yours weren't lost in such a situation.
Morgue  +   884d ago
I sold some old games and picked up MW3 for $13.65 & honestly that's all it's worth too me. The single player campaign is a joke so far and graphically not much difference between this and Black Ops. Plus I'm not that much into playing online anymore so I can't see myself paying $49.99 for CoD Elite.

In the end I should've just kept the games or bought something else.
ndl1531  +   884d ago
activision is riding the massive success of the first mw and year after year its the same thing. because the company is raking in millions i should praise it? NOPE . people need to understand that the hate isn't because they make millions its because they dont bother putting any effort into the yearly releases . just a copy and paste job . and what baffles me is people just gobble it up like its serloin steak when in reality all they are having is cheap hamburger .
iagainsti120  +   884d ago
Kind of like a Five Guys vs McDonald's. You get a lot better burgers at Five Guys but McDonald's has over 99 billion served. Just because 99 billion went into a McDonald's does not make them better. ( I get sick every time i eat food at McDonald's not once at Five Guys)
ndl1531  +   884d ago
yup man exactly just because it sells well doesn't mean its better just well known . five guys are twenty times better than mcdonald's but they aren't as known and established like the mcdonald's name thats how call of duty is becoming . people are beginning to just buy it because of its name alone not even caring for quality.
Lord_Sloth  +   884d ago
All that profit and they're still charging for their extras.

And I will NEVER praise this company. EVER! They're responsible for this over saturation of the FPS we're stuck in!
kramun  +   884d ago
'They're responsible for this over saturation of the FPS we're stuck in! '

Not really when you think about it, the people who buy the games are. If they didn't buy COD they wouldn't keep making COD.

And over saturation is a little over the top, I've seen just as many 3rd person games this year as I have 1st person.

Should we hate 3rd person games as well?
Lord_Sloth  +   884d ago
Fine. Over saturation of SHOOTERS. Good enough for ya?

I expect them to make CoD but everybody's just been making shooters of late and it's beyond stupid. The imagination in this industry has faded, leaving gun games galore.
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dead_eye  +   884d ago
Article go fuck yourself. Don't force your opinion on me. How much a game makes means fuck all with how good it is and if I like it.
artdafoo  +   884d ago
Micky dees sells millions of assembly line bun, sauce, meat patty, and cheese burgers a year, doesn't mean I should praise them as the best burger out there.
kramun  +   884d ago
That's a lot of cash generated from one game. COD hasn't been something I've enjoyed since COd 4, but you have to be impressed with the impact it makes. Every man and his dog seems to love COD nowadays.
dcortz2027  +   884d ago
MW3 is a good game, but who else hates the multiplayer maps?
NeloAnjelo  +   884d ago
Praise no innovation? Praise Rehashing franchises? If that deserves praise then okay let's praise them.

But how about the broken trash that is released every year? Or maybe the no value for money that they offer?

All for praise when its deserved. Activision deserves none.
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