Skyrim DLC heading back to Morrowind?

Game-Smack Ireland: In my long travels within the province of Skyrim, I have seen many a fascinating thing. Ice wraiths, frost trolls and countless bandits have been slain, but I could not defeat the monster known as the invisible wall. Fortunately though, it seems as though the invisible wall may be holding out for future DLC heading back to Morrowind. Seems plausible given the obvious building designs around the border.

What do you guys think? Why put a passageway and then jut block it off?

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TheBlackMask2378d ago

If they do I want the levitation spell put back in.

I know it's silly but after everything thats happened in the 200 years I wanted to see what Cyrodiil looked like

Drake1172376d ago

I would way rather see Morrowind after the 200 years. Morrowind was a much cooler place to begin with and if u play as a dark elf you find out that there's some serious sh** goin down in morrowind.

RahatR2377d ago

Invisible walls in Elder Scrolls games are completely normal. It was in Oblivion all over the place. That said, it is interesting to see a road leading straight into Morrowind.

Laxman2377d ago

I think the question is, why is it a passage way/arch over a road leading out. Oblivion just has invisible walls around the tops of mountains, not roads or anything like that. Would still love to see Morrowind make a return. A HD remake would go down well I think. Would be kinda a big project though.

CashColeTrain13372377d ago

There is a closed gate to Cyrodiil and they have heightmaps for all the surrounding areas of skyrim plus black marsh. I just think it's for modders.

bozebo2377d ago

"Would be kinda a big project though."

Would be less of a project than the game's original development though :D

I reckon itd' sell millions as long as they market it well to the console market.

Mykky2376d ago

It would be cool with a DLC pack featuring Morrowind or at least some part of it!

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Trainz2377d ago

Wouldn't it be cool if the dlc were game sized expansions for different provinces for a full retail price lol.
Ah I love wishful thinking.

DrRobotnik2377d ago

and I would definitely pay for it.

Iroquois_Pliskin2376d ago

That´s a true ´expansion´... *looks at Horse Armor DLC*

a08andan2376d ago

The Horse Armor DLC makes my horse amazing!
This video proves it!! (/jk)

GamerToons2377d ago

I agree though. The passageway is open. They could have just as easily put a closed door.

I think its an reasonable statement to say that you could be given the ability to go that route in a future DLC.

I hate to admit, I don't know Morrowind very well so I don't know if it looks like Morrowind.

Laxman2377d ago

Here's a map of Tamriel, its just where Morrowind is. The Morrowind game was set just on Vvardenfell though, so it would be interesting to be able to explore the mainland of the province.

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