PSN Gets PAIN and New Resistance Maps

The Bitbag writes, "Looks like PSN is getting a nice update today. Along with the long awaited PAIN comes some new maps for RFOM. Login…enjoy!"

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gamesblow3954d ago

I'd be so amped for the Resistance map packs but given the fact the last map paks seen no one playing on them... this will be the same. Over 3000 people are logged onto Resistance at any given time to play. Servers are packed so damn full you can't even get into 60% of the games... Yet, everyone of them are too damn poor and cheap to let go of a few dollars to so people who aren't can enjoy these maps. What a piece a' damn joke! I want bots... all there is to it. If people are going to be slop dong anal leaks, I want to play these maps with bots atleast.

It's like everyone is waiting around for them to be free... Like Gears of War had to do cause nobody was buying the map paks... People are so damn cheap it makes me sick.

GIJeff3953d ago

I personally enjoyed consoles BECAUSE they used to not do stuff like this. Patches, expansions, this is all things that should have been included in the 60$ game. Im slowly getting more used to the idea, but its dissapointing at the same time. wasnt the other map part of a patch or something? i cant remember if i paid for it or not...Motorstorm is getting out of hand though. They need to cheapen the vehicles a bit.

tethered3953d ago

@ GIJeff

Motorstorm is a great game and a lot of fun but you are 100% correct about it getting out of hand. $60.00 for a game that isn't finished, only to have to download, at a cost, what should have been in the game in the first place.

I refuse to do it.
I'll go without the new stuff because the more people that buy this, the more they will continue to do it. It becomes justifiable to them when people pay extra for something that should have been in the game already.

The game should have been $40.00 to start with, like Warhawk.

lynx1halo3953d ago

Anyone no how the reviews of Pain have been???? any good?

The Snake3953d ago

Pain is one of those games I'll play with my friends to just have a good time when they're over. Kind of like crash mode on Burnout.

Skerj3953d ago

I think I might pick up Pain tonight and maybe even the Resistance maps. I guess HV Bowling is next week's update then.

zonetrooper53953d ago

How much are the Resistance Map pack and how come the last Resistance map pack has not been made free yet ?

Darkiewonder3953d ago

but on the official playstation blog they are doing a bundle of Map pack 1 and 2 for 7.99 ;o

but map pack 2 is 4.99

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The story is too old to be commented.