The Witcher 2 dev working on new IP for next-gen consoles?

CD Projekt hinted at The Witcher 3′s existence, but is it on hold? And is the company working on a game for next-gen machines? The developer has just promised three other games in the coming years – one of which won’t be released ’til 2015…

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Pikajew2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Seeing how both their games were for PC, it will probably be on PC not console

Probably ported to console, like the Witcher 2

MariaHelFutura2254d ago

I think "Next-gen" is coming faster than expected.....

Trainz2254d ago

The sooner the better.

kevnb2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

looks like witcher 2 is delayed again on xbox, feels like withcer 1 all over again haha. Unless witcher 2 is skipping this gen on consoles. But looking at their website and who they are looking to hire, consoles don't seem to be high priority at all.

ATi_Elite2254d ago

CD Project Red hopefully will continue to do things the correct way which is make their games for the PC first then port down to consoles.

Also seeing how they own Good Ole Games they are gonna have to stick to quality PC titles for that service.

TW2 360 may just be delayed for the Xbox's only a year away.

D3mons0ul2254d ago

I don't see why they couldn't put The Witcher 2 on PS3.

coolbeans2254d ago

I'm pretty sure there's still a chance of it being ported to the PS3, since they haven't outright denied it yet.

NYC_Gamer2254d ago

the game will hit ps3 the studio is real small and could only focus on one platform at a time

Nate-Dog2254d ago

CD Projekt said that their team is too small to make a PS3 port as it would take too long, while an X360 port from PC isn't that difficult for them (or so they have said). I'd assume The Witcher III will probably be on all platforms though.

ATi_Elite2254d ago

TW3 will only be on PC then a 360 port too.

The studio is just too small to deal with 3 platforms and several I.p.s at once.

Mr Tretton2254d ago

Haven't they been building a PS3 team? I was sure I read something about that.

Whatever, I'll only play their games on PC anyway, and yes, I hope they stay true to PC and make their games with PC in mind first, then port down. Hate when top notch PC devs go console first (lookin at you Crytek, id, and now Bethesda)

slayorofgods2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

It's a small up and coming studio. They simply don't have the resources. I'm glad they are reaching out to consoles in general and hope to see this talented independent studio expand.

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Voxelman2254d ago

I'm guessing that the mid size project would be an expansion pack for TW2 (they mentioned maybe doing one) which will hopefully close off the current story arc. I can't wait to see what they could do with an original IP.

Letros2254d ago

Would love to see Act 3 expanded and followed up with a few more acts before Witcher 3 hits the shelves.

rattletop2254d ago

CD projekt r one of my fav devs

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