Zero Online Thanksgiving Party!

Once a year, Thanksgiving Day comes to us all, bringing joy, laughter, and delicious food, as well! It’s a time to give thanks for the bountiful harvest and express our gratitude for those who care for us. As usual, Thanksgiving Day in Zero Online is chock full of fun, and this year is no exception! Do you still remember the happy times we spent in the game, last Thanksgiving? If you want to relive those good times, you are in luck!
From Nov. 19th - 30th, all online players can enjoy Double Exp! To be more specific, you can get 200% experience from hunting the Othello in the field. The more enemies you kill, the more extra experience you'll get!
What's more, we strongly suggest you use Double EXP Potion during this event. You will gain Quad experience! You can never imagine how fast you can level up!

More events are available. Click full story to read more!

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