Skyrim Dragons: Watch us Slay One

OXM Mag: The video below was recorded five hours into the game, and shows a man taking down a dragon with lightning bolts and axe blows. See, nothing to fret over. Just don't stand still.

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Pintheshadows2159d ago

Pfffft, i've taken on two at a time with Shadowmere as my only backup.

Clayman2159d ago

But Shadowmere is immortal so it doesn't count. :D

Pintheshadows2158d ago

He is, I think we can agree, awesome.

RedDead2159d ago

Took on 4 at once in some area...spoiler

DudeJets2159d ago

I took on 6 ! With nothing but a lockpick! The killed them all and ate there livers.

vikingland12159d ago

what was so special about this?