Want your Rock Band sexier? Order it with a girl

Destructoid writes:

"For some reason, sex and Rock Band don't associate themselves in my mind, but I suppose even bananas and masking tape can look sexy if placed in the right situation. Enter this Ebay auction, in which you can win the new Rock Band bundle along with 2 Guitar Hero 3 Gibson SG guitars ... and Chloe.

What will Chloe do for you? Well, she will apparently open the gifts for you (which makes no sense to me, it's my goddamn gift and I wanna open it,) possibly slither all over them once opened, and take pictures with you before she leaves, leaving you with a tent in your pants and a brand new copy of Rock Band."

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Syko3948d ago

Good luck if they do come, These girls look like they prefer tacos over kielbasa anyways. Although the Myspace said "Adult Entertainers" so you might get a show out of it. lol

Buy Rock Band, Get the skanks for free.

Loopy3948d ago

"Good luck if they do cum".

freakyzeeky3948d ago

Wonder if Chloe can provide other services... lol. :D

solar3948d ago

mrs. claus is looking mighty tone.

GunShotEddy3948d ago

care enough to give her husband the very best Christmas morning.

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The story is too old to be commented.