Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Wheel review | Eurogamer Denmark

Eurogamer Denmark review this months new racing wheel release from Mad Catz - a Force Feedback version og their wireless wheel and pedals set.

The wheel was used reviewing Forza 4, but it has a few shortcomings apart from being a solid force wheel.

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StanLee2313d ago

I know. I've been searching for online reviews for weeks. Some guy on youtube was the only one who did a review of the wheel and it wasn't very professional, just his thought. The thing is, Fanatec has a $300 bundle for sale I just ordered. It the CSR wheel and CSR pedals for $300. You just have the buy the shifter and you don't have to get it right away, you can purchase it later. For $50 more you get the best wheel out there so I can't justify spending $250 on the madcatz wheel.

BuffMordecai2313d ago

For the $250 price of this wheel, I would say it isn't worth it. You can get a Fanatec GT2 or Fanatec CSR for the same price and it offers 900 degrees of rotation instead of 270, full customization options on the wheels display, full compatibility with 360/PS3/PC, and has the option to get quality pedals and shifters.