FlOw dev discusses blossoming new project for PSN

If the Tokyo Game Show trailer was any indication, flOw developer Thatgamecompany is not shying away from abstract projects. Speaking at the Montreal International Games Summit (via Gamasutra), TGC President Kellee Santiago explained how music played an important role in the the initial development phases of Flower. Two musical pieces were commissioned to set the tone of the project, according to Santiago, to "get everyone on the same page... doing sample audio tracks to evoke the emotion [will] keep everyone's work consistent."

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xplosneer3882d ago

Hopefully will like this one as well.

Bonsai12143882d ago

haha. i liked the part where it was like, "little is known about this game except that growing flowers is a part of it" or something like that.

i enjoyed flow and played that on my computer. hopefully this one will provide just an aesthetic experience.

btw, what happened to that project, cloud that was made by the same guy?

Skerj3882d ago

It's up on their site, I have it on my desktop right now.

bootsielon3882d ago

I hope this gay game is at least good

mighty_douche3882d ago

Me Man, ME no likey Flower.