Battlefield 3 and Skyrim: Raising the bar for immersion in games

Developers have been trying to convince us that their games are totally immersive for years, but games like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim are the closest yet.The bar has been raised as stories are being told about in-game experiences.

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PhantomT14122289d ago

Battlefield 3's campaign might be badly paced (not slow, it is in fact pretty fast, Call of Duty-like, but the pacing is awful), but it is to this date the most immersing military shooter ever created. And it is not only achieved through its graphics but with extremely detailed scenes that take full care to make you believe in your action, for example the fighter's take-off. When this shit flew and went into high altitude, I was really flying.

SP3333D-O2289d ago

BF3 MP is incredible, but Skyrim has has completely hijacked my Conquest mode.