Should You Buy Need For Speed: The Run? No.

Luke Plunkett: "With a cinematic slant, a Gumball Rally premise and the in-game assets of Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, Need for Speed: The Run is EA's latest and in many ways most interesting attempt at keeping the ageing racing brand relevant.

But is a cross-country race across America, women in tight pants and on-foot action sequences enough to get this game past the chequered flag? Only our guts know the answer to that."

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dericb112256d ago

Black Friday its $30. At that price I will ne buying it.

GirlsGeneration2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I rented it on Tuesday the story mode is so short omg lol it took me two and a half hours to beat it lmfao what a joke that story mode was and those quicktime events wert very good either, i wouldn't pay any more than $10 for this game, it's sad to see what happened to the Need For Speed franchise these days = (