New Info About PSN Account Deactivations

A clean wipe feature has been added to the Qriocity website which can be used once every 6 months. "Also it should be mentioned that there is no way to just deactivate PSP systems, you will have to do everything (PS3 + PSP) in one go."

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Trainz2435d ago

Makes sense otherwise this whole maintenance would have been pointless.
People would just gameshare their second activation and then use the clean swipe and rinse and repeat lol.
I love my logic.

Scary692435d ago

Once every 6 months I am fine with means less people would abuse it. I will wait until maybe Dec. to do this especially for my psp.

scotchmouth2434d ago

I go for a clean wipe daily

brish2434d ago


Sony plugs a hole in their download policy that enabled users to download copies of the games they purchased to their friends accounts which Sony says people were abusing.

In unrelated news digital downloads of games decline. Gamers say "I can buy the games for less money on disk and I can bring them over to a friends place to play if I want. The only advantage that downloading had is the games could be played on multiple consoles at the same time. Why would I pay more money for downloads and get less than what I get for purchasing the games on disk?"

* 6 months later *

Sony announces that game downloads declined. They suspect piracy is to blame.

* gamers collectively face palm Sony *

Krew_922435d ago

Six months is actually not bad. Apple has had a similar feature, but you deactivated computers associated with your iTunes store account. Although for Apple, you can only do it once a year.

rob60212435d ago

It's that way because if they didn't it would be easier for people to 'rent' out the 2nd use on their account for money.

WildArmed2434d ago

This is awesome.. idk why you would be mad about this?

Before Sony would just say no.

I'm glad they did this. Esp. since I had 2 ps3 slots taken thanks to my cousin's PS3 YLODing and my old ps3 YLODing hahaha

Now I'm back to a good number, 1 <3

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Megaton2435d ago

Ok, now everyone can get mad.

When Sony said they were going to make activations manageable online, I assumed it would be pretty similar to how Netflix lets you manage individual streaming device activations. Shoulda known that Sony wouldn't be that consumer-friendly.

MrBeatdown2435d ago

What's the problem exactly? Is it really that hard to just re-activate the ones you want to use?

Gamer19822435d ago

Exactly I have no problems with this MS do exactly the same thing and only give 1 console unlike Sonys 2 so people should be grateful. This will save soo much trouble having to ring Sony and try get your activations wiped.

Megaton2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Problem is that they limit deactivations to twice per year. Should be able to deactivate whenever you want.

@Gamer1982 - False. You can play your 360 content on as many 360's as you want as long as you're signed into your own GamerTag. The 1 console thing is for licensing content to a specific console so ANY GamerTag can play said content.

MrBeatdown2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Why do you need to be able to deactivate online that often?

The only thing you need this for is if your console breaks leaving you unable to deactivate it. You can still deactivate your systems from the system itself.

2EXS2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

the problem is that i pay $600 for a ps3 that i could share whit 5 systems, i own 4 myself and 1 for my little brother in NY, now Sony wtf am i supposed to do? and i don't give a sh!t about what MS does because i didn't bought their system , this is complete BS sony , i have supported you since the first ps1 , then the ps2 , psp and last the ps3, was going to get the vita but after all this [email protected] i am going to have to think about it.

Pwee2434d ago

Why do u need 4 ps3's son?

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ShAkKa2435d ago

You can deactivate any time you want from your console, this computer based deactivation is for broken consoles so I don't see what the big deal, this is actually a pretty nice new option imo.

2EXS2433d ago

@pwee, cuz i have 2 sons and i didn't want them bothering me when i play , each has their own ps3 so that they don't have to fight for playing time,the last ps3 is in the living room because i don't want to move my ps3 from my bedroom, was that enough for you kid?

WildArmed2434d ago

umm... here's a thought. Deactivate your ps3 before going over and activate that one?
it's not hard.

The main issue was having a slot locked out due to YLOD or in-accessibility to the actual hardware.
Now even if u don't have the actual hardware with you, you can still deactivate the account.

kreate2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

this is really good cuz now u can deactivate ps3 from a website.

previously there was no way of deactivating a account without deactivating it from within that particular ps3.

this is actually a really good feature to have.

*there were few exceptions .. very few and selective.

EDIT: all u ps3 game sharing abusers out there who lost most of ur activations should go deactivate everything before sony takes this feature away.

kassatsu2435d ago

hopefully there is a way to do single systems tomorrow

ScytheX32435d ago

wtf.... maybe im looking at the wrong catefory but theres no fucking way to even see what system to deactivate.... not even a fucking mac address....

kasasensei2435d ago

yeah, no info whatsoever... no serial, no mac, no date of activation, nothing... Ridiculous!

And that:
"once every 6 months."
that's a joke.

kreate2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

after u sign in. u are taken to ur account screen.
it saids right there 'deactivate all 5 ps3'

click it to deactivate everything. u dont need no mac address. than go reactivate it from the ps3 u are using.

I just did it and it worked out just fine.

u cant select which ps3.
its either all or nothing

EDIT: for trollers who act like they have a ps3, and other peepz who doesnt know how to use a ps3...

to re-activate ur ps3, u simply 'play' the game and it will auto-activate ur ps3

navysealrb2434d ago

as far as I was aware you need to go to network>account management and manually activate it from the console. when I bought fifa 11 with a new ps3 I couldn't download the online pass because I didn't have an authorized ps3.

kreate2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

oh my bad, I meant to say

u simply 'download' the game and it will auto activate ur ps3

Ryo-Hazuki2435d ago

All i did was deactivate everything and then just go on the devices you want activated and activate them.

cloud4952434d ago

When I logged in, it showed me the devices I had activated and I can deactivate it one at a time.

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